Anyone work with Avaya Partner or Lucent PBX's

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  1. factory909

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    Like the title says anyone work with Avaya Partner ACS/Lucent PBX's? non-ip stuff. Im new to this stuff and would like to get some good knowledge on how it all works. Looking for some good links on common terminology, wiring structures, etc....
  2. CrappieMaster220

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    I do fiber optic and network cabling.. I don't work on phone systems, but I do however do structured cabling... The phones your talking about run off 1 pair I believe... If so, they should be pretty simple to wire up... Most of the time in a commercial setting depending on the size of the building and the number of lines your running you will have a 66 block... Which is basically a splice point where your cabling will meet up with ATT or whoever your telephone providers cabling is. From there you will run a phone line (cat5, cat3,) to the location where the phone is... In a phone line there are "pairs" different types of cables have different numbers of pairs in them... The particular phones your referring to only use 1 pair (If i'm not mistaken)... Just hook the same pair you have wired to the 66 block to the jack... I know that wasn't the clearest explanation and maybe not even anything you were looking for... Just not sure exactly what your wanting to know.

    I am familiar with phone and data cabling/wiring so if you have any particular questions let me know...