Anyone used .355 9mm bullets in .38 or .357 revolver loads?

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  1. demented

    demented Well-Known Member

    Since there's only a couple thousanths difference, why couldn't this be done? Say a 115 9mm bullet loaded in one of these two revolver rounds?
  2. newt

    newt Well-Known Member

    I have never tried it, so this is pure opinion. But I think you could shoot it, but your velocity and accuracy is going to be a flop. A couple of thousandths equates to some pretty big spreads. It also is enough room to allow a lot of gas to blow by the bullet.

    One thing that I would be uneasy about is that with that much room the gas going by the bullet could very easily start 'cutting' into the guns metal. I would not be afraid to shoot a few of them out of my revolver, but soon your throats are going to wear unevenly and who knows the outcome in the end.

    Personally, I just do not think it would be worth it. And that's coming from a guy who loves to experiment. Not sure the exact reason you want to try this, but if it is because there are some cheap bullets for sale I would say you would be better off buying some cast bullets of the correct diameter. They can be had fairly easy. I'd even send you some to try if you want.

  3. dkhern

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    no problems ive done it years ago accuracy may suffer a little if they are lead it will upset and fill groves. 115 a little light for 2 ctg mentioned reverse also works if not loaded too hot
  4. newt

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    If they are lead then your going to get major gas cutting of the lead. In just a few rounds the lead is going to build up. I've had to deal with an issue with my Ruger where the barrel has a constriction at the frame. It "sizes" down a bullet, and yes the bullet does bump back up, but not before gases can cut the lead off the base.

    It shot the bullets, but it was not worth the trouble. Accuracy suffered, and I got tired of cleaning lead, so I did some work on it. But that's another story.
  5. dkhern

    dkhern Well-Known Member

    your right load like cast bullets too hot and theyll lead
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    ^^^^This. Too hot and they will gas cut and lead your barrel, not enough power and they will not obturate to fill the grooves.