Anyone shoot a Traditions Yukon??

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by nemhsiri, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, I am just wondering if anyone else out there shoots this Muzzeloader? I never could get mine to group right last year, and I thought it was because of the cheap scope that came with it. I just put on some new bases and rings tonight, along with a Bushnell 3x9x40 scope. I am hoping this will clear things up for me. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else shot it, and if they had decent luck with it. Thanks, and good luck to everyone.:thumb:
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    traditions muzzleloaders

    I don't have a Yukon. But I do have a "209 tracker" which is just a bare bones gun. Its not my favorite or fancy but its dependable out to 90-100s for a shaky handed feloow like me. I also have a nickel "pursuit 3" which is my go to muzzleloader right now and its as accurate as my shaky hands can be at 200 yards. If it misses a deer it wasn't the rifles fault. ILMAO :fit:. So the Traditions brand muzzleloaders can be real good or just so so.

    If your having grouping issues with a muzzleloader check 4 things.
    #1 Scope rings nice and snug and not moving around.
    #2 Bad powder. Old or high moisture content powder will have you all over the place. Has vexed me greatly in the past.
    #3 Measure your charge and bullet length. Drop your ramrod into your empty barrel and notch a ring indicating how deep the rod went onto it. Then mark a line on the ramrod, south of the first mark. The second line should be the length of your charge and bullet from the first. You can use the line as an indicator to make sure you are putting your charge and bullet the same distance into your barrel each time. Over compressing or under compressing the charge and bullet can effect accuracy.
    #4 Look down the scope and with the palm of your hand "knock" the side of the scope. Look for shake or shimmy on the scope crosshairs that may indicate a broken crosshair.

    Hope it helps.

    Miketyson26 :flag:

  3. bayoubuckhunter

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    i have the yukon and i was fighting the same problem, i finally decided to try a different type/brand bullet and it shoots perfect now.....not sure what bullet you are currently shooting, but the powerbelts with the green polymer tip on them is what works the best in my yukon,let me know if this works for you also,thanks
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    use some new powder.
  5. nemhsiri

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    bayou, I am using the Hornyday xtp240's with the green jackets. I am getting ready to go shoot it here in a bit, will let you know how it did this evening. Thanks for the help.:thumb:
  6. nemhsiri

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    bayou, well guess it was the old crappy scope:thumb: I just got back, and at 50 yards I put two on top of each other about an inch and a quarter apart.:biggrin: I am confident in my gun again, and if nature cooperates, and it is God's will I will have another one in the freezer by noon tomorrow!! Best of luck to ya'll:twothumbs