Anyone loading with a lee classic turret inside please

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  1. nontypical

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    Why is my repriming arm not cooperating with me? It almost acts like the rod that pushes the primers in is to big. If I twist and manipulate the brass it will finally find its sweat spot and let me push primer in and it is doing it on 223 not my 40 cal. Both use the small primer arm.
  2. dkhern

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    not sure wich lee mine is too lazy to goto shop to see mine prines sitting in a slot in the press could have a spent primer in slot?? i prime with rcbs universal(no shell holder) hand primer really like it

  3. allyellow

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    On my progressive it did that when I first got it. Had to take a sizing die and take out the deprimer stud and put it on the turret where it would hold the brass straight while primer was installed. If I tried to run the press with out the die it would do what you are describing. I put a universal deprimer die where it deprimes.