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Anyone know where some cats are in NWA?

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Anyone know of any cats in NWA? Has anyone ever seen any in the Madison County refuge?
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Never seen any over there, but I'm sure theres plenty of them there.
It's not in NWA, but Whiterock WMA has a few around.
Thanks guys. Ive just hammered my ground hard. I have alot of timbered ground but hate calling in the trees. I also hate public land but cats are stupid and can be called over and over.
My neighbors say there is one around here, but I've only got 10 acres, and could get permission on another 40 around to call on. They keep seeing it on the road in the morning. There are lots of yotes around too.

West fork
What do you hit the Cats with when calling them? I've seen a few out on the Air Base
I think the rabbit sounds are best. Some people use bird sounds too. Just play something that is real busy. I use baby cottontail, adult cottontail and lightning jack in that order. I just put on a sound and let it play. Change sounds every 5 minutes or so. Stay on stand for 12 to 15 minutes. The biggest deal is to sit extremely still. They dont always come charging in like a coyote and are alot more likely to see you. Im not a cat calling expert by no means, but Im friends with some of the best cat killers in the nation. I get some inside tips. :cool:
I've seen one on some land I used to hunt outside Green Forest few years back.
I've seen one on some land I used to hunt outside Green Forest few years back.
Most of my land is in the Green Forest area.
what up B... prarie grove has some cats and lots of yotes(seen both deer hunting this yr)... So does alma... lets link up and get after em again

I seen one in the madison county management area a couple years back..If that helps.I can give ya more details....Also I talked to tink the other day and told him I may hook you fellas up with some coyotes if interested.My lease has got overrun with them again.I may try to call a few times and let my dad kill a few,Cause he would rather shoot a coyote than a deer.But I just want them killed.I aint seeing very many fawns...And I have to blame some of it on the coyotes....
Allan where at in prairie grove id like to kill some
Tink were still hunting deer quite a bit now but I wont forget ya come Jan.-Feb......
Well I went against my better judgement and went and called cats on public land. I should have knew better. I finally quite the charade and went to some of my private land. I called in a hard running pair right before dark. They were on top of me before I knew what was happening. I couldnt do nothing with them. They scattered like quail. I managed to get the female to come back for a second look. The male wasnt having anymore to do with the situation.

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Thats kinda a let down B seeing a pic with just 1 dead animal! LOL You have us spoiled to seeing 2 or 3 or 10 at a time!!:biggrin: Good Job!!:up:
i do about 20 miles east of green forest.
Thats right in my stomping ground. I have some land in your neck of the woods.
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