Anyone know anything about this Monster!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by SIMPLEARKANSAN, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I've got this pic from two different friends today. Both claim it was killed today, but in two different areas. First, I heard it was killed in Pond Creek and second Shinewell, OK. It is a beast.


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  2. Manybeards

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  3. Juice

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    No doubt! That's a hoss no matter where it was killed.
  4. Have no idea,but very nice
  5. Definitely looks like an Okie but ya never know!

    RAZORBACKER3 Well-Known Member

    180 inches? That's a MyGod for sure.
  7. AF2007

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    In Wynne... behind the WMT
  8. Arkansaswild

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    I got it yesterday too and he said pond creek also.
  9. Terrym72

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    Anyone know anyone about this Monster!

    In Wynne , but not behind Wal Mart this time . That one came from behind Family Dollar. From what im hearing , fullcredit jumped on its back and stabbed it to death .
  10. damlockman

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    It was NOT killed in Arkansas! If it was there would be a tag on it. Everyone knows you can load a deer in Arkansas before you put a tag on it. LOL :)
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    those g2's are incredible
  12. mikebri

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  13. clayroberts

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    wow! this deer will score ALOT!!! hes huge and very even on both sides. those freakin tines gotta be 15" tall! not to mention hes 20" wide to! monster!
  14. Arkansaswild, did you hear anything about who killed the deer.
  15. BTC

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    I dont believe I would have shot that one... (stealth post warning) VVVVVVV

    Unless I saw him standing in the game warden's yard or anywhere else for that matter.
  16. beltcutter

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    I don't think a buck was checked yesterday at PC.
  17. xforce-deathstick

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    Friend of mine hunts pond creek pretty often said he had co-worker, ( in Texarkana ) show him pic said his friend killed it at pond creek Tuesday .. Who knows ??
  18. I heard it was killed Monday or Tuesday. Can't remember for sure. Definitely first of week. Beltcutter, have you heard anything about it? My friend owns property 2 miles from Shinewell, OK and he heard it was killed there.
  19. BTC

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    Save the picture and zoom in on it a little. Sure looks like a photoshop to me. Im almost certain that its not a real picture.
  20. BTC

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    Look at the detail of this point. You can see the darker line running up the vertical tine which cuts off the end of this point. That shouldnt happen in a real picture. Thats just one example.