Anyone know any of these?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by kstrick, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. kstrick

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    I'm looking for either a member or someone that knows a member of any of the clubs listed below. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. All of these clubs are south of Sheridan and are on the saline river.
    Sheridan Boys Club, Home Huntin Club, Gilmore Hunting club, Allen Hunting Club or Lisenby Hunting Club.
  2. 10pointman

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    Nope,but heres ya a bump.:thumbup:

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  3. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    Im in home hunting club. There is not much left of the sheridan boys club most of their property was baught out from under them
  4. dw614r

    dw614r Active Member

    u meant SOLD out from under them. It would have been sold no matter who bought it.
  5. Quack addict

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  6. I know people in all of them what are you needing and i will try to help.
  7. atuphilamb

    atuphilamb Well-Known Member

    No probly bought. theres a fella down that way that buys everything and runs everyone off. Warnix is his last name. don't know if he bought it but wouldn't doubt it he owns most everything in that area.
  8. biggameted

    biggameted Well-Known Member

    Yep thats the guy that got most of their lease. The boys club was wanting to buy their lease from the paper company. Since Warnix buy alot a paper company land the boys club ask him what they should offer the paper company per acre. He gave them a number then turned one in higher and bought it. I got this info from club members. So I would assume it to be fairly true. Hard to get a membership in that area.
  9. DufferDan

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    Would like to know if anyone has pictures of the Mule deer / whitetail cross that were prevalent south of Sheridan years ago. Any one know where the owner of the Arkansas Mule deer is? A Mr Puckett as I recall ?
  10. kstrick

    kstrick Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know of any other clubs that have good bottomland?? Somewhere within 1 1/2 hr drive from Little Rock?
  11. I am currently in a lease 1.5 hrs away from little rock. I would NOT call any of it bottom land but it is a GREAT lease and has some NICE deer on it. There have been a lot of BIG deer killed off of it this year and in past years. They have a QDM program going and it is showing well. Its over 2000 acres and has I THINK 23 miembers. You get 3 visitor passes a year and your family can hunt anytime they want to. Like I said its a great lease. My dues this year was $380. Which for what I just mentioned is cheap in my opinion. I won't be joining the lease next year do to the fact that I have yet to hunt it this year and IF I do it will be just to use one of the doe tags from the lease. I am tagged out. IF you want more info let me know. I can send you any info that I have and give you the lease presidents phone number. Just trying to help. Its not a bad drive from LR. I work in LR and live not 5 minutes from the lease. Its a straight shot on hwy 10.
  12. bayed solid

    bayed solid Well-Known Member

    Phoenix Warner
  13. That would be phinis warnix there bayed solid and if youre wantin in one of them leases to hog hunt they sometime become more of a pain than they are worth because of him.He owns everything from jenkins ferry almost to farindale and the land across the river is i think a 10000 a year lease so there you have it kinda hard to gain access to any of it.
  14. turkeyhunter

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    Everything across the river from warnix is a buy in. 40,000 to 70,000 a share. It's not a lease.
  15. tsanders

    tsanders Well-Known Member

    yep its warnix. he bought all ours. i hunted hopewell hunting club. sure miss it
  16. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    PM me some info if you don't mind please. I like that area out there.
  17. kstrick

    kstrick Well-Known Member

    Surely there is a camp in south arkansas that would let us join after deer season to hunt a few hogs and squirrels??
  18. hnaymd

    hnaymd New Member

    I am interested in the lease for next year. Can you PM the information to me lease?
    Thank you,
    H. Nay
  19. Bentonbel

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    This is true, it will be next to impossible to get a membership in the area. However; may do semi private guided hunts at some point Please do not post information that is second handed. Im old man Warnix's daughter, it is true he owns a lot of land in the area. It is also true that he doesn't like trespassing. In fact he has built a fence around his property and has secured it with cameras. Maybe oneday it will be open for semi guided, or guided hunts. The methods of how he acquired his property or from whom are incorrect, so please do not post information , like that. No one knows what the future holds, we may just let the land never be hunted for thousands of years...but if we do decide to do guided hunts, it would be wise not to not talk about the owner, or owners.....He worked hard for the land, its his right to hunt it, not hunt it ect.
  20. KemperCamper

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    WOW !!!!
    Reads like a veiled threat.
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