Anyone killing any ducks??

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by MollyWhop, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. MollyWhop

    MollyWhop Well-Known Member

    Just wondering.. All we have seen was a few wood ducks...:fit::fit:
  2. skip1411

    skip1411 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, had a good day in holly grove expect another good weekend this one coming up. Sherrill had a great day. All private fields. Public land not as good for me. Just haven't been able to get on the public land early enough and not as much water.


    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    Bayou meto needs water
  4. UncleDuck12

    UncleDuck12 Well-Known Member

    I dont see how theres a duck left on earth after the day to day head whoopin we been puttin on dat azz at petit jean WMA. Yet every morning, they keep comin back for more. Bout burned my pattern master long range clean off. Got enough mojo's, you can see em from space! Before this seasons out, ill have enough bands to send to war eagle so they can melt em down and build me another boat. Its startin to reach the level of "epicness"!
  5. MollyWhop

    MollyWhop Well-Known Member

    That's cool... We been putting it on em over at Bell Slough.. Walking in from the Camp Robinson side to Grassy.. I'm glad someone is killing them too..

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    Grassy is a good spot
  7. UncleDuck12

    UncleDuck12 Well-Known Member

    Topwaters like yourself have no idea how to hunt grassy. Only dream how!
  8. GunnerX2

    GunnerX2 Well-Known Member

    Been murdering them these last three days. In a hidden private gem up north. Lots of mallards. More birds coming in each day. Its gonna get nasty!
  9. NOPE, there are no ducks in the state right now!:whistle: :fit: :fit: :fit:
  10. maddog3

    maddog3 Member

    486 and counting

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    I was hunting Grassy when you were in dirty diapers!! :up:
  12. UncleDuck12

    UncleDuck12 Well-Known Member

    I never wore diapers! Momma gave birth to me at grassy, next to the big cypress. As soon as i was born, instead of givin me a pasifier, she put an olt in my mouth. I called in my first group of woodies before they were able to even cut the abilical cord. Without a robo!!! Bet dat!!

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    UncleDuck, you are 1 bad dude. When did you start using robo ducks? Last time we was in the hole together you had the remote robo going crazy in front of ya.
  14. xdamagexx

    xdamagexx Member<br>2011-2012 Bowhunting Contest Team Winner

    this morning. 31 ducks, 6 specklebellys, no Robo. i would say we have a few ducks in the area. :biggrin:

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    Sounds like an awesome hunt! DD or RB?
  16. birdman24

    birdman24 Well-Known Member

    28 mallards this morning..public timber south arkansas
  17. doublelung09

    doublelung09 Member<br>2012 Turkey Hunting Contest Winner<br>20

    been hammerin them heads at cut off everyday trick is knowin where the water is over there :whistle::thumb:
  18. UncleDuck12

    UncleDuck12 Well-Known Member

    That was all cutdowns idea!! He loves robos so much he names each one of em!! Crazy dude!

    INYOURHOLE Well-Known Member

    I've hunted with all his electronic mojo friends.
  20. Marine911

    Marine911 Well-Known Member

    724 and counting