Anyone Hunt Little Rock AFB?

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by AFhunter11, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. AFhunter11

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    i'll be PCSing to little rock at the end of january. i found a PDF file via a google search about hunting on base and wanted to see if i could get some more information here. anyone hunt it? hows the hunting for deer and turkey? lots of hunting pressure? any insight would be awesome, thanks guys!
  2. AFhunter11

    AFhunter11 Well-Known Member

    btw im not looking for anyone to give away any secrets here, just looking for general trends about hunting on LRAFB


    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member

    Go to the Dear Hunting section and scroll down, some info there.
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    I hunt it there a few of us on this forum that do. There is a lot of pressure and the number of deer killed so far this year is 53 as of yesterday. There are a few turkeys most are tight lipped but they are there. Just like anywhere gotta put the time in and find them. I wouldn't mind giving what pointers I can. There is also several public land places to hunt close by.
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    I just replied to your last thread, before I saw this one. The base gets the crap hunted out of it, and plenty of unethical hunters give the rest of em a bad name. I'm about fed up with hunting on base.
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    man thats a shame. we have a great hunting program at our auxiliary field here at vance afb in OK. is the public land hunting out there any good? im not a trophy hunter, just looking for meat in the freezer
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    Public land is decent and the base isn't that bad hardest part is dealing with other hunters and thieves but I always manage to kill a couple on base just gotta put the time in. I am a meat hunter myself but there are some decent bucks around. When you get here I would be willing o show you around if you want. Welcome to lrafb
  8. I was stationed at LRAFB from 2001-2006 as an air traffic controller. We saw deer on the field all the time. Even with new taller fences. They did a night depradation hunt and loaded the truck up. They even spent a ton of money on a dog that would go around and piss all over the place and that was supposed to keep the deer away... never worked.

    I did not deer hunt it, butt I turkey hunted it and got a few, but the fishing on the creeks all around the base can be a ton of fun.
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    The base isnt near what it was back when you were there. There are deer out there and a few dandy bucks but imo for a bow hunter Camp Robinson is the way to go
  10. I was also in a club down around the pine bluff/watson chapel area. Clubs in Arkansas are pretty cheap to join (for the most part). You do not see the clubs here in Oklahoma like you do in Arkansas, I am in a club here with 42 members and 20,000 acres but it is spread out all over the state and we pay $1500 a year. I think i paid $250 or $300 in Arkansas.
    So if you can do it, look for a club to join!
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    The Wildlife Biologist on the base is an idiot! Period!!!! That's why hunting sucks! If they would turn it into bow only on base it would be a lot better! Plus the pressure would be down considerably! Gov contracting is why deer get on the air field! If they would buy a good fence to put around the movement are deer would be a problem!
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    amen brotha
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    IF you are talking about Mr. Popham, he is NOT a wildlife Biologist. The BASH guy is a biologist though, and he and I had a conversation about three years ago concering hunting on base. He was nice about it, but he is a not a fan of the rules to hunt on base and those that make them. He told me he refuses to hunt on base due to that very reason. I have worked with Mr. Popham and the other guy several times doing studies when I was stationed at LRAFB, and I have lot's of respect for the BASH guy, but not so much for Mr. Popham. Now the guy under Mr. Popham, I actually like him and I believe he does have a wildlife management degree. It's my understanding (could be wrong), though that the other gentlemen makes propoals to Mr. Popham, but gets shot down quite a bit.