Anyone else upped their game yet??

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  1. So we're several months into this "pandemic", shortages on several household goods and ammo and the craziness going on in large cities with antifa and blm.. Has anyone else upped their game on stocking more supplies and being better prepared.. Anyone started doing a little more training at the range or maybe teaching a spouse or family member how to shoot?? Personally I've added more canned goods to the stock pile and my son has worked with my daughter on shooting her new pistol.. I've also added some crucial repair parts for my weapons.. Anyone else watching and listening and quietly going about getting better prepared??
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  2. TJKRide

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    Yessir, and started get a good mutual assistance group set up. We got lucky and the folks around us bought their tracts of land for hunting and bug out. We kinda work like built in watchdogs since we live out here.

  3. Arky73

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    Been prepping for years, but still add different stuff monthly. I’m good on food, water, medical essentials. My newest concentration is looking for some hand tools. Old wood working tools, saws, axes, nails, screws, tarps, home repair type stuff. Also going to get a good a wood burning stove with cook top for my shop. I guess of I don’t ever need it, my kids will have a good sale when I’m gone.
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  4. Ghost1

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    Preppers make for great estate sales when they die.
  5. Viv

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    I have can goods, the start of a water catchment system, been growing my homestead asap when the funds and materials are available. I believe in bartering. Whenever the opportunity arises I help people as much as I'm able. So far I've managed to gather some hand-tools and plan on enlarging the garden by adding raised beds. Soon I expect to add some livestock. As for the water catchment system, it's a work in progress which means getting some IBC and related supplies. As for hunting, I'm for this but it's something I need to work on. Every step for me is progress no matter how small or large. I'm going to keep going and not quit.
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  6. Viv

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    Whatever I do on my homestead, I do for me and my friend as well as for anyone who may be in need. Even when I die and move on to the next life, I keep in mind that there is someone who can benefit from my efforts here on earth, so I keep going and will not quit. Leaving something for someone who will benefit is my focus.
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    Is Elias making a comeback and we just don’t know it?
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  8. ;) Tang and peanut butter, I knew there was something I left off the list..
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  9. Arky73

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    I don’t drink Tang, but I drink one of these a day, and keep a years supply of them...
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    I still go back and read the old Elias threads. Good times
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