anyone do any good....

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by quacksmacker, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. quacksmacker

    quacksmacker Well-Known Member

    this past sunday? Believe it or not we did okay. Killed three, ringneck hen a piece and I bagged my first Canvasback drake. He's gonna go on the wall of course!!!:biggrin: (thanks for the help bro :) ) We should have had a lot more in the boat but, anytime you come home with's been a good day. Couldn't believe how many birds we saw.
  2. swampimp

    swampimp Well-Known Member

    Had a good hunt yesterday a.m. Just me and the dog. back at the truck at 7:15.

    Been doing real well all year so far.

  3. quacksmacker

    quacksmacker Well-Known Member

    nice haul man! gonna have to download all my pics for the season. I've done real good this year. Believe it or not, I've done the most good on private land....(little honey hole I have stashed away.:biggrin: )
  4. bottmhtr

    bottmhtr Well-Known Member

    Did good all weekend, 5 man limit Friday, 7 on Saturday and 5 again on Sunday. I needed this break this weekend to catch up on my sleep and work.
  5. bottmhtr

    bottmhtr Well-Known Member

    That needs to say week not weekend on the 2nd weekend. Tried to edit but did know how too once it was posted.
  6. quacksmacker

    quacksmacker Well-Known Member

    no worries on edit. I know what ya mean. I'm kinda glad we've had a little break. I needed to get caught up on some stuff around the house and work. We've been talkin strategy and where to go this time and just gettin a good gameplan worked out. I'm ready to wear them out again :biggrin: