Anyone bought a GMC acadia recently??

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  1. ArkArcher

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    My wife and I went and looked at the remaining 2012s and they came off the MSRP $2k and they said "since you are a memeber of the credit union, you get preferred pricing" and that's what got us 2k off. haha I have bought 10 cars over the last 14 year so I know what I'm doing when it comes to buying cars, but I was shocked how little they came off. They wouldn't budge. We wanted the 0% rate instead of rebates, but I was till completely shocked by how little they wanted to move the vehicle. I mean its December of 2012 and they have quite a few 2012s on the lot and the 2013 is a redesign so I figured they'd want to clear them out. Anyone else bought one within the last few months? How much would they come off for you??
  2. TMHC

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    I bought a new acadia in 2008. It's my wifes car and she loves it. We have never had any trouble with the vehicle except for the sun roof. The drain tubes have clogged up and caused water after a large rain to leak in the passenger floor. I shopped hard and found an acadia forum to be very useful. There is a forum for what acadias are selling for and how to negotiate a best price. There are several assembly line workers at the acadia plant that respond to technical questions. Very good site if you are looking at buying one. Here ya go.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    They may be holding off thinking you are wanting it for a Christmas gift and are willing to pay the price.

    They might sing a different tune after Christmas.
  4. Carr.45

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    Well seeing that GM is offering $2500 off to anybody that walks through the door, that's not a deal at all... I got a flyer in the mail from GM Wednesday advertising it.
  5. fullcredit

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    I've bought a 2008 and a 2011 Acadia from Everett. My wife drives it and loves it.
  6. No-till Boss

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    That's better than when they first came out. I tried to buy my wife one and they wanted $1,500 OVER the window sticker, and this was at a place that I had bought 20 plus vehicles.

    Buying a new vehicle has CHANGED so much, no matter where you go, or what brand it is, they pretty much don't care if you buy or not, because they know someone else will if you don't. I can't hardly do business like that ...... the problem maybe me tho.:shrug:
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    Wait till after Christmas... the closer to the New Year - the better!
  8. ArkArcher

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    I know they are nice vehicles everyone. ha :biggrin:

    I guess I'm use to being able to talk them down WAY more on just about any vehicle. I'll try here in another month or so. When the calendar year says 2013 and they have 2012s still on the lot, they may be a little better. :up: And like I said, I have bought a ton of vehicles and I have also worked in Auto finance on the Finance company side so I know all the tricks. I was just a little surprised. ha
  9. hillbillycycles

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    I bought my wife a 2008 at Phil Wright in Russellville as they were the only ones that would deal with me. I got the exact same vehicle, with a DVD player, brand new in Russelleville for $1200 more than they wanted for a used one with 27,000 miles and no DVD at ORR in Searcy. Gotta shop around I guess but it's still a pain.
  10. Da Duke

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    Bought my wife a GMC Terrain same thing, don't want to deal even used ones. My Step Son works at Nissan. He said if they are high demand the demand a primium price.
  11. stick slinger

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    My wife thought she wanted one for a couple of years, so about Aug. her 9 yr old expetion was acting up and I suggested it might be time to go looking. I went to Gwatney in sherwood, they had 2012's with tags on the mirrors with $5000 off, but she didn't like them like she thought she did. I would stick to my guns and have the sailsman call me when he's ready to deal. The worst thing you can do is be in a hurry. Also after you make a deal be sure and really check the paperwork before you sign, they are bad about saying one thing and changing on the paperwork hoping you won't see it.
  12. ozarkthunder

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    I have bought 1 new truck in my 47 years,cannot stand to do the dance with dealers then get took to boot.Try to buy from individuals only.Stay away from Cavanaugh by the way.
  13. keyman157

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    Buying a new car isn't like it used to be, but you can still find deals. Get on the internet and check out inventory of dealers in your area. Your area can be as far as you are willing to drive to buy a car. Contact the internet sales person at dealerships that have the model that you want. You can pretty much have the deal worked out by the time you get there. By using the internet, you won't waste your time haggling, and you can shop many dealerships at the same time. As stated above, don't be in a hurry. Once they realize you are serious about buying, the offers will get better. Also, if you are looking at several dealerships, you are going to find the make and model that you are looking for and can buy it from a dealership that has it in stock. This will save you from paying a local dealership from charging you to get it to their lot. One other thing, since it is a 2012 model and the end of year is approaching, you may be better off waiting. It may be getting close to time for them to be paying interest on their floor plan.
  14. My GF has an '11 Acadia V6.

    I hate it. She hates it. EXPENSIVE. Tires are like $400 each, or were when she had to buy. I think there's some cheaper ones now. 17 mpg highway and about 12 in town. It runs ok, rides a little rough, shifts all the time and took us about 2 months to get used to all the little buttons and features.

    She got it used for $30k cash, had 9100 miles. She wants to get rid of it already. Had it for almost 2 years. We've been looking at new Odyssey from Honda. I'd rather have an American car but nothing American has impressed me other than the Mustangs and Challengers. And the SVT Raptor.