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anybody own a plum crazy lower?

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thinking about building a dirt cheap AR to put on the wheeler when riding around and shoot yotes and all kinds of other stuff. looking at these plum crazy lowers. I know some people will flame me for thinking about a polymer lower but I want to hear from people who actually own one and their experiences. people said glocks were trash when they first come out and now they are the standard for reliability. wondering if it would work for what I want it for. Thanks
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Well I dont know anything about the Plum Crazy lowers and dont know how much they cost but Palmetto has lowers on sale right now for $49.95 plus $7 shipping and you have the trasfer. I know all that adds up, but thats still pretty cheap. If you are trying to build one on a budget and find out you dont want to go with the PC that might be an option for you.
I have one that I bought and made a lightweight AR. I like it alot, but the trigger is pretty strong. It will allow you to change to any other trigger group though. You can put in a Timney on these with no problem.

All together, my lightweight 16" ar is 6.25lbs with a 2x7 scope on it.

This lower is not about to break with normal use. If you use it to pry open a door or lift a car as a wedge, sure. I think some people make a lot of assumptions without all of the facts. This polymer lower is a good alternative to the Forged and Billet lowers.
yeah i have seen some full lowers, trigger assemblies, grips, and and multi position stocks for 110 bucks. thats pretty cheap
I've looked at them and was not impressed. Then I've seen people say you can't use milspec parts in them so that's another strike against them in my book. Like TDF said you can get a PSA for 49.95 on sale, then throw a stock kit for $40 on it, and a $50 LPK you will have $140 (minus shipping and transfer) in a milspec lower. That would get my vote personally
Lowest price I see is 79 bucks on the psa website
Keep your eyes peeled on that site. They run them on the 49.95 special every couple of months or so.
I've sold several and have had no complaints yet, in fact most of the people that get them really like them.

They are popular with backpackers because of the weight.

They arent the prettiest lowers you can get, bu they work and if you want a low cost gun, there is no cheaper way to do it than to get the complete lower.

If you want it, get it and dont be discouraged by the negative comments by people that have never shot one or even seen one.
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