Anybody order a Toyota from the factory?

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  1. I am in the market to buy a new Toyota Highlander. Went to Landers in Little Rock and did not see any that have the color combinations and options I want. Anybody ever order a Toyota from a dealer and what was your experience?
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    Got a 07 Tacoma 4wh. drive 4 dr. from North pt. for my son Told them what we wanted and they done a great job in finding it for us plus getting the package we wanted. Salesman Darius Roberts. No hard sell tactics and stuck to their end of the bargain No pressure sales pitch at all. Bought from Landers previously, but they didn't want to deal like Noth pt did. If I buy another Toyota I give North pt. first chance. again.

  3. I have a friend that said about the same thing. He said Landers damn near held him hostage trying to sell him something he didn't want. I have made contact with NP internet mgr and he sent me a quote on but it was all fouled up. I wanted a 4 wheel drive and he sent me info on a 2 WD. Also he added some options I did not want and left off some I wanted. On the vehicle he configured he gave me a ball park figure of $1800 over invoice when said that the True market value on my configuration was around $1200. I just hate dealing with car salesmen. :censored: You would think with the way the economy is they would be bending over backward to make you a good deal. $1800 over invoice is way too much!
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    Have them do a vehicle search if they don't have one sitting on the lot with options you want on it. Both my last trucks were bought that way. At the dealership i bought my truck from (which i'll let it remain nameless), when i walked on the lot they dealed very little on the truck i wanted. I hopped online and dealed with the internet salesman and literally bought the truck for 2000 dollars less than the other salesman at the same dealership... When i walked on the lot and ran into the other salesman i got the "OH man you should of dealed with me!" :censored: Walked in signed papers and walked out all in 30 minutes.....
  5. I'm going to start calling internet mgrs on the phone to speed up the process. I will start calling Texas dealers (Dallas area) if I can't find satisfaction here locally. I have already sent a quote to one Texas dealer. Their web site listed MSRP and Invoice which was accurate. They had a target price but that was just for negotiations. It was a lot more that I wanted to pay. I shot them a cash offer of $800 over invoice. I will probably get a responce tomorrow since they are closed at this hour of the night. I don't know why buying a car should be taxing. Car salesmen would rip off their own grandmother if they thought they could get an extra dollar it seems.
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    A couple years ago, we were looking for a Toyota Sequoia for my wife. We went to several dealerships, and nobody was willing to quote us a price. All they wanted to know was how much we wanted our payment to be. We were tied up at one dealership for over an hour and never got anywhere other than them wanting to run my credit. I told them repeatedly that we were going to pay cash.:confused: From now on, I will drive out of my way to buy from a small town dealer instead of the landers, crains, orrs.

    By the way, by paying cash, I mean we had a home equity loan(tax deductible), therefore no need for their payment options.
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    I tried to order one a few times but the dealer never had any luck finding what I was looking for.
    All I wanted was a White, Green or Silver Tacoma with extended cab, 4x4, TRD and auto transmission.
    Tried two different dealers two years in a row with no luck. :smack:
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    My wife's Camry we traded off was bought solely through the internet. We even manged the trade in over the internet. Granted this was Washington state, but it was a lot easier deal, no haggling back and forth and we got ALL the features we wanted on the car. Plus a good deal. I never say GREAT deal when I buy a car, as I always feel like I get screwed one way or the other.
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    I ordered a Sequoia from Landers this summer. They did not have exactly what i was looking for on the lot and they could not find any on a search of the surrounding states. they brought out a list with the base price and i got to pick all of the options i wanted and nothing more. AND, i still got it for several thousand under msrp, just a little over invoice. i had to deal with the internet manager. the guys at the lot were clueless.

    i will never buy from north point. i have been in there 2 times ready to buy a car and have yet to find someone who knows what they are talking about .
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    lady at work ordered a new Camry early '06 from Landers in Fayetteville. They had to order it to get what she wanted. They told her 3 weeks, so she sold her old car. It took 4 months to get here, she had to ride with the hubby everywhere she went! She was hot, but she got THE car she wanted, so she was ok with waiting. I'd have done an experiment so see if my foot would fit up the salesman's, uh, well you get the point.
  11. I have gotten some advice that you should be able to buy a Highlander for around $500 over invoice. Don't know how much truth that is but what do yall think? That sounds good to me. I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row before I walk into any dealership. Also, would it be too bold for me to just pick up the phone, call a dealership fleet or sales mgr., and ask them straight out how much over invoice would they sell me a Highlander?
  12. I wanted a Tacoma when the current body style came out in 06 i believe. between caldwell, north point, landers and trotter nobody would deal with me since the truck i wanted was not on thier lot and they would have to pick one up out of state.

    i went to russell chevrolet and got a Z-71 and had a truck in less than 24 hours and alot cheaper than a toyota
  13. I heard that. The thought has crossed my mind. Bale Chevrolet is right down the street from me and I know the owner..
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    That was the nice thing about working for GMAC when I did. Get online, look at the vehicle on the lot of any GM dealer, know the exact (down to the penny) amount a GM employee pays for it, print off a coupon thing with a code on it, walk into the dealer, hand them the paper, get the car about $1500-$2000 BELOW invoice, drive off. That easy. Too bad I don't work for them anymore. :smack: Oh well, I make more money now so I can live with it. :thumb:
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    Like Limbhanger says, they wont even hardly deal with ya on a cash basis, they want to finance..and all of it if they can.
    Here's a lil story for ya, I kinda got the itch last year, early March, it was cold, nothing to do, lets go look at a truck, found a new crew cab chevy that was zactly what I wanted...we worked on a price and it was awesome...then they hit up the ole "what do you owe on your trade"....I said aint no trade boys, Im keeping this un too...we never talked trade not one single time, just me buying a truck like I walked in there....when they couldnt trade it was over, had the entire dang staff up in there explaining they just couldnt offer that price w/o a trade....
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    i will only deal with them over the internet/email now. i have heard of people faxing several dealerships with the exact vehicle they were looking for and telling them to fax back their low price by a set deadline, with the lowest price getting the deal. i have never tried this though.
  17. Don't know why Arkansas dealers have to play the game but I sent a quote to a Texas dealer on what I would pay and he got back with me by phone and email that he did not have what I wanted sitting on the ground but he would see if he could find one. If not, they might be able to get it with their next allotment of trucks that they have coming. They can make changes at the Houston Port when they come off the boat from Japan. I can fly to Dallas for $100 and drive back a new SUV and save a thousand or more with the way these Arkansas dealers have been doing. I also have learned not to tell them you are going to pay cash.:smack: When they ask how you are going to finance just say you are undecided. The Arkansas dealer I sent the same quote has not returned my email or has called in a couple of days. I guess he is too fat and rich to sell me a truck.:rolleyes:
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    cdl i ordered my vehicle from landers this summer. it was assembled at the plant in indiana and then shipped to the port in houston for the final add ons. i picked the exact things i wanted added and i had the vehicle in 2-3 weeks.
  19. I've been to Landers and North Point and they both say they have searched the Gulf South States (5) and there are no Highlanders with the color/ options I want. The story is the vehicle has to be special ordered. The way I understand it, the SUV has to be built in Japan with the color and towing package and can't be put together in Houston. The towing pkg has a bigger radiator, alternator, oil and transmission cooler. That has to come from the factory. The rest of the options can be added on at Houston. Toyota does not take individual orders. The factory produces vehicles in colors with options that can't be configured at Houston at their schedule. The dealers get an allotment when they come over and can be further configured at Houston if necessary. Even if a Highlander comes in with the color/options I want, another dealer may all ready have a customer that has dibs on it. You may get your vehicle in a few weeks, a few months, 6 months or never or it may never be produced in the color that I want. Toyota is not like Ford, General Motors or Chysler where they take individual orders and give you a specific time frame to produce your vehicle. In other words it sucks if you can't find what you want and the dealers can't either. I'm not going to order a vehicle that I may not get for 4 to 6 months or not at all. I'm going to buy a Lexus RX350 (Toyota's luxury line)tomorrow and get what I want. Cost more but there are some positives like a better warranty and road service at no extra cost and their service is the best. I have owned 2 Lexus and they are great vehicles. Tried to buy the Toyota but I can't get a straight answer from the dealers but I can see it's not all their faught. It just sounds like special orders is just a ball of worms. They would rather you buy what they have on the lot. Lot's of BS options and Service options that jack up the price to near Lexus levels. Also they have inflated their invoice prices to give them a built in profit right off the bat when you start dealing with how much over invoice do you think is a fair offer type of question. Landers quoted me a invoice price of $930 more than what Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book web sites showed for the same options. Can you tell, I'm a little put out with all of the BS you get when you try to deal with car salesmen?
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    yeah i hate dealing with them too. lexus makes a great vehicle. hope you enjoy it.