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must be yankee......errrrr northern arkansas boys....thats not how we skin our bucks down south:skeptical:
How do we skin them down south?

I always hang from the feet.

Those two probably could the deer they have cleaned on one of their hands.

I get the hide down and off and quarter. remove the rib meat and never remove the guts except the intestines for the sweet loins.

Separate the hams at the joint need for the pelvis.

But who cares??

Hey! I use nitrile gloves when I field dress a deer. It's just a safe thing to do.
I have never used gloves. at times I have thought about them but knowing me I wouldn't have them when I needed them.
Blood washes off........

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I know one of the guys

The guy with the Blue gloves is Jim Dial he is a great guy.

He runs a funeral home in Bryant and hunts in Peroun(sp?)

When I lost my son he went out of his way to help. I think he is from TX.
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