Anybody got Verizon?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Tony Harris, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Tony Harris

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    We have ATT and Verison called saying the drops calls are less and they have better coverage. Have any of you folks switched and found them to be better than ATT? A lot of places we get blanked on coverage so I need some info.
  2. factory909

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  3. btech29

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    I have it too. Though it aint perfect I think it is by far better than anyone else. They all stink, but Version just stinks less. :up:
  4. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    I would switch today if my husband would let me as much as I pay for att service you would expect not to drop calls SEVERAL times a day in the middle of JB. I hate ATT, honestly if they had Iphone I would probably switch today without the hubbys ok lol
  5. Guitarzan

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    I switched to Verizon a few years ago because their coverage is better than AT&T.
    I have compared the two side by side all over the state on Motorcycle rides with my brother. I had AT&T and he had Verizon. (It was Alltel then) He could always get service no matter where we were, and my phone hardly ever got a signal if I was not reasonably close to a big town.

    I figure AT&T is going to loose a lot of customers when Verizon gets the IPhone next year. I have the Droid X and like it better than Iphone anyway. :up:
  6. tdf

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    I've got Verizon and am happy. I have never had AT&T so I cant compare but I am happy with Verizon. I do drop a few calls every now and then but its nothing to the point of being really agrivated and have been hunting North Arkansas more this year than in previous years and it has served me well up that way.
  7. dvido

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    I have them...not many dropped calls but they are expensive. Especially if you get smartphones such as a blackberry. we pay like 220 a month for two blackberrys. I must say the customer service is 100 times better than the other carriers I have had such as sprint at&t and t mobile. I have had them all. And if its reception you are wanting keep in mind that Verizon now uses all of the former alltel towers...which was based here in Arkansas.
  8. arcountryboy

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    I have at&t right now and they seem to be getting worse and worse. We are going to the staright talk deal which uses the Verizon coverage area. So far people I have talked to down here love it, much less problems than AT&T.
  9. shotgun wg

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    On our farm verizon doesn't work but att does at the same time tho down round wilmott att doesn't work but verizon does I think it's an area thing. We now have 3g in southeast Ar and it is far better than the edge networks we had
  10. coonnutz

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    Verizon is getting the iPhone after the first of the year:up:
  11. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    our VZ sales rep said with other carriers picking up iphones, att will lose alot of customers
  12. ishootducks

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    I have one of each a droid from verizon and motorla tundra from att for a work phone. I carry both just about every day. Verizon has by far a better coverage in NEA where I'm located. Plus its mostly 3G. Oh ya they give larger discounts to.
  13. jjarvis0007

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    I have Verizon and have had no problems whatsoever with them. Customer service is tons better then Alltel was and way better then AT&T could ever dream of being. Most places I hunt I have 3g on my droid x and my buddies with iphones have an x for their signal.
  14. jsilver919

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    in my experience verizon does have better coverage than at&t here in AR. but for the extra cost of verizon i dont think its worth it. i randomly had dropped calls with at&t. i have texts that dont go through with verizon ALL the time.

    i'm not a verizon fan at all. their customer service at our local stores are terrible.
    my plan is up 13jan and i'm leaving!
  15. Cjdavis618

    Cjdavis618 Well-Known Member

    I had AT$T (Whoops my bad spelling.. :whistle:) and switched to Verizon. I have had no dropped calls since I switched back in July. With my iphone before that, I had about 3-4 a day. I can cover all of the areas I had before, plus many that I didn't get ATT signal, and most of those are even 3g with Verizon.

    But, while the coverage of ATT stunk, and the dropped calls really made it bad. I had 2 reasons I switched, the Droid X and a call I made one night.

    I was coming back home one evening from South Arkansas and I got a call about a very serious issue with a client. During this call, there was sensitive information being discussed and then all the sudden, I was talking to someone else on the phone system. There was no other calls and no one called me. The phone company just connected my call to another party that wasn't even nearby. Once I spoke with that person, we discovered that her call to another state had been intecepted from Malvern, AR to Florida. I was in Little Rock calling Little Rock. After we hung up, I tried to call that office back, and my call again ended up at that ladies residence. The person I was speaking with called me back from a cell to continue the discussion, they said thier call went to someone in Texas.

    I called AT$T very frustrated and ask them if this was normal, and she said YES that it happens every once in a while.

    2 weeks later, no dropped calls, better coverage and better phone.

    Verizon, Droid X.
  16. Hill Farm Hunter

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    Wow, I have had ATT forever and don't have a dropped call problem. No 3g here yet, but they say any day now. We have Verizon modems in our in car laptops and they seem to work better than the ATT we used before.
  17. Cjdavis618

    Cjdavis618 Well-Known Member

    I have some clients that use a mix of ATT and Verizon air cards. They have lots of issues with the ATT cards as well.

    One other note, my dropped calls happened rarely when I had a blackberry, but got really bad when I went to the Iphone. There is speculaton that the issue is an Apple problem and not so much of an ATT issue.
  18. woodsnwater

    woodsnwater Well-Known Member

    We were Altel until Verizon bought it. Personally I like Verizon. We have pretty good service with them. I got the G'zOne phone and it is awesome.:thumb:
  19. I have ATT phone service and Verizon for my MiFi air card. In south Arkansas my Phone is worthless but the little MiFi is the bomb.
    ATT is terrible about dropping calls.......we are switching to Verizon for phone service next year ....I can no longer take the lack of coverage area!
  20. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    I was just checking our AT&T account online I am guessing when you can upgrade is also when your contract is up? If so does anyone know what happens if you break it my husband is up for an upgrade right now.. I won't be till February 2012:down: