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Anybody else smack em today?

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Ducks slowed down a bit Wednesday -Saturday averaged about 20 or so a day. Today they were working good we wound up with 28 mallards & 20 teal 8 of us. We killed the teal early, but shouldve stopped at 16 so we could've killed 4 more mallards.
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No one killed ducks today?
We killed some at amagon today real in mourning then about 1030 it was a mixed bad four of us limited out.
It's been one of the worst seasons I've had in awhile. Haven't gotten to hunt much. Haven't been invited to hunt much. Haven't killed many when I have hunted. Gloom, despair and agony. At least someone is killing ducks...
We shot several limits of green in a timber hole out of Monticello, on a WMA of course. There was folks in there, but with school starting back it should thin out a little bit. North east side was a good spot for sure, but still had a heckuva walk in there.
We smokedem five limits by 9:30. I was just glad to not hear world war three again this mornin. All the out of towners had to go back to work today. 25 degrees in the am. I'm excited.
Smoked them yesterday killed 4 limits by 7:20!!! Went thes morning killed 3 ducks!!!!!
That has been us all season we killem today, and none tomorrow.
Im not gonna hunt again till Thursday, but my buddies smacked em again today. I ordered another case of shells.
It stunk down here today ...
One man limit today. I was by myself, my pards were working and my son was in school. I was home before 9:00. I was shooting better than normal (8 shots total) but there were enough ducks falling into my hole to fill 3 or 4 limits.
killed 3 limits of mallards in Missouri on the 1st.

Pretty good three days......sunday and monday wind hurt a little bit being in tighter timber but had a blast with friends as always
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