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Anybody Else Bowhunting Today?

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I'm sitting in a honeysuckle patch. No deer yet, but the squirrels sure are keeping me alert. You never know when one will magically turn into a deer! Lots of geese flying today. Plan on hunting them tomorrow
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My 9 yr old killed a buc with his crossbow a few days ago. Gonna take 6 yr old Sat. My kids have killed 3 deer 2 hogs I have harvested the big goose egg but I have had the best year guiding them.
I'm here with my bow in hand. Sitting on the edge of a 2 year old cutover in a draw. Lots of sign and fresh pellets on the ground. Maybe I'll get lucky. Been a hard year for me.
Looks like I'm gonna have to do some more walking and looking. Been off work for a week and a half and have not seen a deer yet. Hunted this spot yesterday afternoon and didn't see anything, but they have been around. This is the first time since being off that I have hunted the same spot. Been moving around trying to find the deer. I know they're around, but just can't seem to get on em.
Going to hit it this afternoon, still looking for a good buck and seeing lots of does.
All I can kill is a doe and I can't see one of them either!
I'll b there this wk end still got a shooter running around

Good luck to everone
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Has pretty good day. seen little 6pt this morn. And just got back from nice afternoon hunt 5 doe and the little 6pt and another little buck. Was my first set at this stand so maybe good buck will show up in morn!
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