Anybody doing anygood coon trapping my 7 yr old wants to be a trapper?

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by varmit_master, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. varmit_master

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    I check my trail cams around corn feeders I have 5 coons at one feeder and another one I have 6 at one time. You can watch the coons running the deer off. My youngest son 7 yrs old has been after me everyday to trap them coons. A 7 yr old showing that interest in trapping I am going to take him. Going to make 12 to 16 dog proof traps out tomorrow afternoon. I ask if he had his davidy cricket 22 ready he said yes. I would have done it sooner but the 14 hr work days is getting me down lol. With him running traps is like xmas to him he has the trapping bug. Richard
  2. geslayton

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    I haven't been doing real great on the coons the last couple days but I think with this warmer weather moving in it should really pick up. I keep my dps cleaned out, I switched to cotton balls and big marshmallows so hopefully that will solve that problem.

    Good luck!!! My trappin partner has a 7 year old that LOVE to go with us

  3. dirt road kid

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    I dont have time to check traps during the week so i only set traps on the weekend. This past weekend had 40 dps out and caught 13 coons and 1 possum. Just a little advice if you only have limited amount of time to trap watch the weather and set your coon traps when rain and or a cold front is in the forcast cause you can catch as many coons in one night of bad weather as you can in a week of fair weather. In your case with the corn feeders any night is a good night!
  4. BigCountry11

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    Sounds like you are starting him off right!! I remember trapping with daddy for a few years then he gave me a dozen traps of my own when I was probably 10, there was not a safe possum in all of saline county when he handed me them traps!! Good luck to you and your little one!!
  5. varmit_master

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    I have a dz of duke # 1 coilspring I am going to give to the 11 yr old. Hi is old enuff and watch me set many coyote and cat sets that he can catch a Coon.
  6. woodsnwater

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    Caught a few. Rifle season holding me back. Off for next 2 1/2 weeks. I am hitting them hard.
  7. BKS

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    Outstanding, got started with my 9 yo this year. We have caught 5 coons, 7 possums, and a grey squirrel he is hooked too.