Anybody been out on Chaffee since it opened back up?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Bowhunter71, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. Bowhunter71

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    Just curious. I'd like to get out there for a few late season bow hunts but haven't been able to yet.
  2. MntnMan22

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    I hear EVERYBODY has been out there the past few days. I heard through my dad's buddy that it was like opening day all over again out there. He said he heard two deer get shot, both does. Yes, he "heard" them. That's how many people were out there and how close everybody was hunting. WHO SHOOTS DOES THIS LATE IN THE SEASON?!? There could be a monster in those does! Worse, the guy who shot one of them made a bad hit and the deer laid bawling behind my dad's buddy. When the guy came tromping through the woods looking for it dad's buddy had to point him in the direction it fell. I planned on doing some late season hunting as well, but I may hold off and do some real late hunting.

  3. boomer

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    I don't want to hi-jack this thread, but I shoot does this time of year. Whats the latest time that you would shoot a doe MtnMan? Just curious. Because many of the does are all done breeding by the second week of Nov. Anyway I was just curios, not trying to start some chit.

  4. MntnMan22

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    No offense taken, and I agree we shouldn't turn this into a sword fight. If I shoot a doe it is in October or the first week in November. After that, I'm buck hunting. Just for the record, I'm not "holier than thou" either.

    To be fair, I admit that I assumed that the does that were shot were by people who just wanted to kill a deer, not necessarily by someone who really needs the meat.

    If the people who shot the does really needed the meat, then I don't have a problem with it. I make it a habit to take my does early so I don't run the risk of killing a trophy deer. You never know.

    Does that mean everyone should practice that? No. I wouldn't expect a kid or a person trying to kill one of their first few deer to practice that, or someone who really needs the meat. To each his (or her) own.

    I think it's also a fair assumption that for every person who shoots a deer who needs the meat, there is one person who shoots a deer just to shoot a deer. Because there are those who do the latter, I feel like I do my part (however little it may seem) by passing on does after the first week in November.

    A side point is that Chaffee has so many deer it won't hurt the population out there. I still wouldn't do it. But you can, it's legal after all, and I don't expect my $.02 to change that! I guess that's all I have to say about it.
  5. boomer

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    Thanks for your take on it. I agree that too many shoot one just cause they want to kill a deer. I personaly don't shoot it if I don't need the meat. Yes I could buy beef, however I prefer lean natural meat. Also curious because I have heard fellows say the same thing about not shooting does late season. But then they would shoot one in late Nov or early Dec. Never understood that logic.

    Again sorry for the interuption on this thread. MntnMan you sound like a good guy and would be a great to share a deer camp with.

    As for Fort Chafee, well I have never hunted ther but I would like to. I allways love hunting new places.

  6. MntnMan22

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    Same to you my friend. And as for Chaffee, check it out. Take the Orientation course and get after it. There are some "deer of a lifetime" (s) out there!

    I think they need to make Chaffee archery only. They could have a permit system, everyone put in, have one draw for October, one for November, one for December, etc. Then, if they have extra days after everyone that has applied has had at least one month, redraw for the remaining days. It would be one of the best places in the country to hunt if they'd do that.

    As things exist now, it's a miracle there's not a death toll every season. I've heard bullets hit near where I was sitting on the gun permit hunts and I've had people walk up to trees near me to hang a stand, only to look up for a more inviting tree and see me sitting in "their spot."

    Back to the original post, I think Chaffee will be good if it ever gets REAL cold. That will keep enough people indoors to allow those big bucks to get back to their normal winter routines. Bowhunter, if you ever see a 4 wheelin' Accord out there that's me makin' ruts. :biggrin: Someday I'll be close enough to work so that I can buy a truck and justify my hobbies over gas mileage. Until then, I'll just have to "get a little mud on the tires" in my Accord. :biggrin: :biggrin:
  7. hillbillychaffeehunter

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    I have been out a few times and seen 30 deer..most where standing beside the hogs yet but I'm trying to get on them!
    As for killing does this late .My brother called on Christmas from Iraq to tell me he will be home in feburary and he wanted me to get him a deer so he would have some meat when he came in.So I put hog hunting to the side and killed a doe sunday morning.I see no difference in killing one in october than january,no matter which way you look at it your still taking her and her future offspring.I try to let them walk in october and november because you never know whats behind her.:thumb:
  8. Bowhunter71

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    Looks like I may have a chance to go tomorrow! Got all my stuff ready and I called and there is quite a bit open. Now I have to figure out a way to sneak out of work a little early. :wink: I'd like to get out there early enough to do a little looking around since I haven't been out there since September!
  9. hogman

    hogman Well-Known Member

    Are any of you seeing any bucks that have already shed???
  10. boomer

    boomer Well-Known Member

    Best of luck BH71. Looking forward to hearing a success story.

  11. hillbillychaffeehunter

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    I seen 6 bucks the first morning and all had both horns.But the game warden out there said he has seen a few with just one horn.
  12. jdoyle

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    Bowhunter71, you need to stay at the office. You have people who depend on you. Save your free time for the big weekend family duck hunt! :thumb:
  13. parrotheadcrb

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    Rob, they have 3 missions left and then home. I know they are ready to get here. Good to hear you are seeing some deer. They had three at the slaughter house during that late rifle hunt that had already shed their horns. Lucas killed one and its horns fell off when they were unloading it.
  14. Bowhunter71

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    You've got a lot of room to talk Buddro. You just work on getting permission to come see us this weekend and I'll take care of things on this end....
  15. Bowhunter71

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    If anybody goes out to Chaffee, watch your speed. A guy I work with was heading to his hunting spot (I think yesterday) and zooms by a Chaffee cop with his radar gun sticking out the window..... The guy pulled him over and gave him a warning.
  16. hillbillychaffeehunter

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    Charlie I bought jerry a new Traditions muzzeloader for his welcome home gift.He has told me when he gets back states side he was going to buy it so I beat him to it.As for deer I haven't seen many in the woods but they are everywhere on the sides of the roads out there... and there is hog sign everywhere .Also I went by the lake in the 7's and there was 60 to 70 ducks on it most where green heads and there wasn't anybody hunting them.All the duck hunters were at darby .Was lucas's deer big?
  17. Bowhunter71

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    Went to 6C last night. No deer. I did see a bald eagle while driving in, and about 5 or 6 hogs right at dark. First hogs I've ever seen on Chaffee. Been seeing sign for 3 or 4 years, but never seen one in person. If I'd had the 22 mag, there would have been some pork on the ground!
  18. jdoyle

    jdoyle Well-Known Member

    Bowhunter71.....I am trying to figure something out...:eek: I thought you "bowhunted" with your 22 mag???? Now where is the PORK??
  19. MntnMan22

    MntnMan22 Well-Known Member

    How are the hunter #'s out there recently? Has it thinned out any?

    I'll get my first chance to get out there this Friday-Sunday. My luck I'll get a leg taken off by a pack of hogs. :smack: :thumb:
  20. Redcloud35

    Redcloud35 Well-Known Member

    I went out and sighted in my new Henry last Friday evening, I saw 4 awesome black real hairy hogs, the only problem with them was sombody had already killed them, I guess they didn't like hog meat but the coyote's sure did.
    Sat. we rabbit hunted 8a and killed nine, and jumped about 8 or 9 deer, all does.:thumb: