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    hey guys this is my first year hunting, and i pretty much suck at it, im in pursuit of deer, since i dont have any land or know anybody with any land i going to be hunting lake frierson wma, do you guys have any tips in what to look for, and how to go about harvesting my first deer my weapon is a crossbow, and ill probaly pick up a blind later in the week, when me and my buddy went hunting earlier in the year for squirrels we saw a few deer and a bunch of signs but i cant go back that area seeing as how we werent suppose to be there anyways, thanks daniel
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    No product you can buy or anything else is more valuable than TIME in the woods. TIME is a hunter most valuable effect he has! Get out there and learn. No magic product will get you a deer. The more TIME you put in the more it will be on your side. TIME! I think I made that clear enough. LOL Good luck to you and get you a deer!

    One more thing you need to find a buddy that is a seasoned hunter and put some of that TIME in with him. It would be very valuable to you! If you were closer I would offer my TIME but we are miles apart.

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    Look for tracks trails food and poop. If u can find these that are fairly Fresh and thick like they use the area regular. Set up and wait. If there are creaks or washes in the area ur hunting look for major crossings. U will be able to tell the difference between major and minor crossings pretty easy. If u can find a fence in those woods look for a spot that is down. If a fence is up for the most part and u can find a down spot deer tend to cross in this area. Look for areas that are very thick that can be used as cover for bedding up. Around these areas look for acorn trees that are still producing or have some on ground around them. Set up between the 2. Lastly in the areas of thick cover if u can find where 2 of these come together or are separated by a short distance. Set up in the gap because they will travel between thickets.

    Good luck and good hunting.
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    You might try getting a little farther out from Jonesboro. Big Lake WMA/NWR has some hoss deer in it but it's 45 minutes or so away. HE Alexander has a good huntable population but it's an hour+ the other direction. Those are 2 large area's that don't have as much pressure. If you go to BL be sure to take a compass or GPS as it's easy to get turned around if you aren't familiar with the place.
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    Spend a lot of time in the woods. And enjoy it!
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    x 2 go slow and be observent
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    Look for deer sign in the middle of the day.. deer trails, tracks, rubs on trees etc. then set in the general area so you'll know deer are there... Discipline yourself to be very patient, when you're in your stand/blind be real still and DON'T expect to see a deer 10 min. after you set down like they "put on" on TV... put in many hours in the woods being very still and quiet and it will pay off.
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    thanks guys a little dissapointed today went out and scouted an area found some trails, i found one that looked really good bunch of poo some old some fresh, but about 25 yards their layed a game camera, so i assume someones already claimed this little area and it would be bad etiquette to infringe upon his spot, this was on the right side of frierson by the little creeck that flows out of it, not really the big part of the wma but still a sizeable chunk
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    that little chunk goes back for a long ways. i used to hunt it a lot years ago before they started making you park at the highway. there used to be some big bucks, but more and more people started to find out about the places and it got crowded pretty quick. As far as the camera, it is public ground, if no one was there when you arrive to hunt, then hunt. Do not think that just because someone leaves something on public ground that the spot is reserved for them and them only. Way to many hunters have that mind set. If someone is set up, then quietly try to slip out and have a back-up area to hunt.
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    cool i only went about 200 yards in looking at my gps i wasnt even half way in yet is it good to find these trails then maybe come in earlier and set up on them early in the day and wait that seems to be my only plan right now, and i plan i hunting it with a blind.
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    Frierson isn't known to hold tons of deer. Yes there are a few out there, but hunting them can be tough. You might hunt 25-30 days there and only see 1-2 deer total. You might try bayou deview also with some of the other ones that have been mentioned. Frierson would just be a really hard place to hunt for someone to have a decent shot at harvesting their first deer, not saying that it can't happen, just not a lot of high hunter success rates there. However, that being said, if Frierson is the only place you can hunt for whatever reason, then by all means hunt. Spend as much time as you can scouting, looking, sitting, just exploring. If you can become proficient at killing deer there, well then you can kill deer anywhere! :thumb:
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    Daniel my first piece of advice would be to not trespass...... It's usually frowned upon.