any rain hunting tips

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by dover kwack smacker, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or advice for hunting in the rain such as what 2 hunt, how 2 put deeks and how many, or anything helpful
  2. duckboy32

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    i can tell you in the mornin what does not work

  3. clane72286

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    I've always had great luck in fields on rainy days. And as far as decoys I always try and make them land at the back of my spread. And as bad as I hate to say this. This is one of those places a robo that you can turn on and off wil HELP!!!:smack:
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    x2... Try to manage your activities where you have an excuse to sleep in on rainy days. Work is always a decent excuse to not be hunting in the rain.:biggrin:
  6. heard alot of people talking about how they hate spinning wings i didnt put mine out till 9am didnt have any ducks want 2 even look at my spread or jerk string after i put my mojo out had ducks working and killed a couple so all the mojo haters the mojo really worked for me
  7. NWA Bowhntr

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    I don't think people hate them because they DON'T work!:smack: They hate them because they DO work! Especially on younger birds:banghead::banghead:
  8. NWA, i hear ya man all this crap they mouth about em who really cares if use em or not. i will use mine sometimes and the sometimes i wont
  9. kwackwacker809

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    Do the young birds not taste as good as the old ones:head: do you pull the jawbone to check the age :head:
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    Was in a field this morning and killed two limits. I have been told to abide by this golden rule and you would do just fine. " Cloudy day's in the field, blue bird days in the timber".
  11. rideordie

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    there is nothing like killing a mature mallard drake
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    Wear a raincoat!!!:whistle:
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    have fun :up: at least your hunting its not about the killing its about the hunt :up:
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    So when should I hunt the river?
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    freeze up! ha ha!:biggrin:
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    Can u tell when there coming Thur the trees
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    Wat about the lake?
  19. snydedawg

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    Hunted the lake yesterday and only shot one duck...... back at the office today and tomorrow. hop0ing that with the rain and the storms that are on the horizon I'll enough water in the field next week and get in on some ducks then!
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    I would think off of a sandbar would be just like a field. Wide open!! I have had a great day on the river when it was cloudy went a week ago when it was a pretty day and didn't even pick the gun up except when it was time to leave. Talk to a few guy's yesterday and didn't have any luck off of the river either.

    I'm not a expert by any means, I have common sense though.