Any mountain bikers on here?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Recreation' started by ArkArcher, Jul 11, 2017.

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    I've been working on losing weight (down 35 right now!) and also exercising more. My left knee gives me issues some when running/jogging (ACL replacement a few years ago, then injured my meniscus last October. It doesn't bother me too bad right now but the pounding of running, even when I make sure and run easy on it, still make it quite sore). Anyway, looking at getting into biking and looking at doing some MTB. My in-laws have a house at Shangri-la on ouachita and its less than a half mile from the Ouachita Vista Trail. I have a mountain bike I bought in college so its 15 years old, but I bet it doesn't have 5 hours on it. My roommate was BIG into MTB and had like a $5k bike and he recommended this one to me at the time as a great starter bike. Its a Giant Rincon SE. Anyway is that sufficient to start with? I replaced the tubes in it over the weekend and checked it out and cleaned it up. Seems to ride well around my house and stuff. Are newer MTBs really worth it compared to what I have? Thanks for the help/tips from any mountain bikers out there! :)
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    Should be fine. I go as often as I can and use rental bikes. Mainly because like you I don't want to drop that much scratch on a new bike. The LOVIT trail is not very technical. Gets steep going up Hickory Nut, but that's about it.

    I stay read up on the subject. The only real difference between older and newer bikes is the frame material. New state of the art bike frames are weighed in ounces instead of pounds. Totally unnecessary if you just want to enjoy a ride.

    You could swing by Bobby's Bike Hike in the Rivermarket and see what they use. The guys in there can tell you more than you ever want to know about bikes.

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    That bike should work just fine. I got a new bike for the 29" tires, hydraulic brakes and better front suspension.
    If I had a mountain bike at all, wouldn't have bought a new one. Everybody is to proud of their old ones, I couldn't justify spending that much money on a 10 yr old bike.
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    There are some decent trails at burns park and in Little Rock too. I haven't had the time, but one day I would like to hit up sylamore, cedar glades and some other Ozark trails
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    I ride, and i usually ride the vista trail. Any bike will work for just pedaling like whetstone said, but if ur gonna get serious about ridin, ur gonna want a good bike. Most bikes u buy are gonna weigh 35-45#(entry level), no big deal if ur just gonna ride flat ground. When u start to go 10-20 mile rides thru the mtns, a better bike will make all the difference. Changing ur flat push pedal out for clip-in pedals so that u are pulling and pushin on ur pedals. My bike weighs 29# full suspension (04 giant)and its a tank compared to some or the high end ones out now days.
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    Thanks for the info guys. Yeah I would love to get a new lightweight bike. Mine is at least aluminum and not steel or anything so that helps some. :) It does have front suspension as well. I'm also wanting to get a road bike so I can ride more in the evenings too....but dang those things are expensive! ha

    Speaking of MTB, did any of you see that they are doing a study to see about putting some trails in around Lake Maumelle? I saw the article yesterday actually. That would be awesome for me. I work out in WLR close to the big Kroger so wouldn't be far for me.
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    That bike will be fine. I ride/rode a trek 4300, switched to clipless pedals makes a world of difference on climbs. Takes some getting use to lol.

    The lovit runs from denby point to bakley dam now.
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    Not anymore, I had a wreck on mine 3 weeks ago, and am just know getting over all the sore spots! I think I damaged the main nerve[sciatic] in my right thigh, it felt like there was a hot poker in there for 2 weeks. My chest is just now getting over the soreness...and I hauled and stacked hay last week. I think I'm hanging mine up.
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    I read the article about potential mtn bike trails around lake Maumelle. It was laughable to me that CAW is having UCA do a study on the impact of a bike trail. Soil dispersment, compacting, ext. Yet they let loggers make a total mess of the north shore area this past year....

    I used to ride a lot but not so much the last two years. I need to start again. Shoot me a PM ArkArcher if you plan on going riding, I'm out west of LR and usually ride Burns Park or Camp Robinson trails.
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    Pretty sweet trail by Mt. Harbour.
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    I was once really big in the mountain bike/bmx scene but haven't been on a bike much in the last 10 years. I raced BMX, primarily national events, but trained on a MTB 2 or 3 days a week on the CARP trails at camp robinson.
    If you decide to upgrade you're equipment, need advice or need anything bike related, there is no one that I could recommend more than David Larson at Angry Dave's bike shop on JFK in North Little Rock. Super cool guy, and is just the best at what he does. And he, without question, builds the best wheels in the state. He's a friend of mine and I've known him a long time, tell him that AJ sent you