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  1. bucks_N_ducks

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    Not real sure where this should go. Just wondering how long a dog pound is required to keep a dog before they sell it. I've been told 30 days. My lab got out while we were away for the holidays and the pound picked him up and sold him the next day.
  2. englishdawgs

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    I dont know for sure. I know the keep them quarantined for about a week I think around here before they even consider adopting them out. I dont think by law they can just catch them and turn around the next day and let someone have them for health concerns if nothing else to make sure they dont have rabies or any other transferable illness. Did he have a collar or micro chip. If it did they should have had to contact you by law before they could have even thought about letting someone else have your dog. I am sorry for your lose I hope you can get your dog Back.

  3. englishdawgs

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    You might send one of the vets on here a message and ask them there has to be some type of law or time period. I would think a vet would know the answer to that. Just a thought.
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    Same thing happen to me, 7yrs ago, with one of my coonhounds got home late one night from being out of town and she was gone. My neighbor was keeping watch on my dogs. Went striaght down, to the pound that night and she came to the fence. Next day on my lunch break went to get her and she was gone, she had a collar and name plate, she was there for 3 days, they said. I had it out with our mayor!!! I know now for a fact, someone in Scott County city hall got her.
  5. bucks_N_ducks

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    Unfortunately he broke his collar the week before, so he didnt have any id. I was told by one vet in a different area that it is usually a 7-15 day holding period. I was also told I could probably take them to small claims court if they didnt get him back, but I dont know.