Any gun experts RE: Browning A5

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  1. idewild

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    My dad has an A5, serial # somewhere around 43,000. The only other marking close to the serial number is V2.

    Does anyone know what the V2 means, and when SN 43k would've been built? I know it was before 1941, b/c it was made in Belgium, but can't seem to find much info about it.

  2. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark

  3. you can look up the age of your gun on brownings web site ,your gun is a 1953 model i think.
  4. idewild

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    On my phone, so I can't check the link, but
    will look after work...
    Thanks for the help guys
  5. idewild

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    That said 387000-438000 for that time period...Dad's gun in 43,000 not 430,000. Does that mean his gun dates back to 1903-1939?