Any Goose Eaters out there?

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  1. Ginder75

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    I was successfull and managed to bring home some Canadians this year. The first one got cubed, marinated, wrapped in bacon and grilled. It was a little tough, but had good flavor.

    The second was cut in thin strips, soaked in water for week (fresh water every day), then we floured it and it took a bath in HOT oil. Still - great flavor but some peices were a little tough. Not shoe leather tough, but you had to be committed to get through it.

    I have one more in the freezer and I am looking for some ideas. What can I do to tenderize this tough bird? I used a spike tenderizer on the meat before my last two cooking attempts and it did little to make the meat fork tender.

    I am not looking for falling off the bone, but it needs to be tender enough my little girl who is missing a front tooth can enjoy it.


  2. turkeyhunter

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    Cut the meat across the grain(thin), mix one egg to 1.5 cups of milk, put the meat in the egg/milk mix, flour, dip the meat back in the egg milk, pan fry. You talk about good!!!

  3. Ginder75

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    I tried that last night, but finding the grain was a little hard. Every time I cut, it looked like the grain ran a different direction.

    I guess I can sharpen my knife and give it another shot!

    Anyone else?
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    I actually like to cook Canadian Geese a couple of ways:

    #1 - basically the exact same way I roast a turkey, including stuffing. I use a Reynolds Oven roasting bag to keep it moist (I also don't skin them - I pluck them).

    #2 - smoke them in a good smoker at 190 degrees for about 7 hours or so. the main idea is to do it long enough to just get the meat thermometer up to 175 degrees. Don't over-do it or it will dry out and/or get real tuff.

    As far as Specks and Snow Geese - I have posted recipies that I use for them (and I know you didn't ask).
  5. Ginder75

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    Thanks for sharing. I was wondering on the Snows and Specs for a double thanks for heading into that as well.

    With several more months left in the Snow Season, I might find a field or two to get a few more birds.

    My goose is already breasted out, so that is what I have to work with. I may try to pluck one next time around.
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    cut into cubes and put in croc pot, cover with apple cider. cook all day until tender and shred and make barbeque sandwiches out of it. this works good for ducks and deer too:thumb:
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    Sky carp....yuk!!!:down:
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    I've killed a few snows and cooked them. My wife asked me not to bring anymore home. She loves most other game though.
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    sounds like your over cooking it. I know this sounds bad but you got to cook it like a steak. I had a buddy eat some that was fried. it was seasoned and put in the pan with no flour. he said that it had a little bit of red juice still coming out of it and he wasn't going to eat it. but the guy made him and he said he would never do it any different than that. He has since cooked some duck like that that i have had and it is great taste just like a piece of steak
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  11. browning_gold_12

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    kill it and grill it!!

    i cooked some saturday evening over at the Southern Waterfowlers Guide Service. these jokers handnt been dead long. puddin, d2's wife, cut the breasts into 3 strips, longways. i took and put them in a bowl with cajun injector creole garlic, or garlic butter or something like that. insert your favorite marinade here. sprinkled it pretty liberally with tuscan seasoning, salt and pepper. then took a pickle fork and stobbed the strips real good, to get some of the juice on the inside, and tenderize it a little. cooked it on the grill to about a "medium" done-ness, still pink in the middle, and served with rice and green beans. it was the bomb!! biggest thing to remember with waterfowl, is DO NOT OVER COOK IT!!

    use the same recipe but cut it into cubes, and make kabobs.

    snow goose, cooked right= rib-eye in the sky!!

  12. J. Adams

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    On Canada's strictly crock pot for me, otherwise you can never get them tender.
    I'll like the fill the pot up with breasts, add some bbq sauce, spices you like and some liquid smoke.
    Let em go all day, when they are falling apart they are ready.
    pretty good.