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Any Conceal and Carry classes coming up?

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Looking for a conceal and carry class for the near future.

Any recommendations on where to go?

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Where are you located ?

The Arkansas River Valley Gun Club is putting on a class on Sept.20th at the Chamber of Commerce in Russellville at 8:00 Am.

The class goes from 8-12, breaks for lunch and meets at the range at 1:30 for the firing quals. Cost is 50.00 bucks.

If you wanto sign up, let me know.
August 23 ,searcy 65.00 with lunch served
Where and when for the class in Searcy? Whom do I need to contact for a class slot?
Bill Striplin in the Ft.Smith area, if you want his contact info pm me and I will send it to you.

Next class is September 27th !!!!!!!!

Great class, he has lawyer Lee Watson with him in there, which Lee is a great guy, use to be a prosicuting attorney then public defender and now is on his own. Pro gun lawyer that answers and explains any gun law question you have on do's and don't..

I have 2 more friends that will be in his class the 27th, I might be there also to hang out.
They have them occasionally in Greenbrier. A Greenbrier officier teaches the class. For more info call 501-679-3105 and ask about the class taught by Rick Woody.
I wasnt able to sign up in September, but have finally gotten around to signing up for a Feb class.

On the info page it states for unrestricted license, one handgun must be semiautomatic.

Can someone tell me if double action revolver will suffice or if you must bring a slide-type semi?

As it states, it must be a semi-auto. If you bring a revolver, you'll be licensed to only carry a revolver.
If you're in NW Ark. Ozark Sportsman in Tontitown offers them regularly.
that's what I thought. thanks for the confirmation.
As it states, it must be a semi-auto. If you bring a revolver, you'll be licensed to only carry a revolver.
You can borrow an automatic from a friend to "qualify" with, and many instructors keep one or two handy for just such purposes. Don't embarass yourself, though; figure out what you'll be using to shoot with, and get some practice in before the class. Get to know all the buttons and operating proceedures.

The CCL instructor I've been using tells me it's not really the accuracy of your shooting he's looking at, he's watching to see if you can SAFETLY and properly handle the gun! It helps if you can actually hit something, too.
Blue Ribbon Range
Pine Bluff, AR
Bill Cody
Arkansas Valley Gun Club

I completed the instruction yesterday and must compliment the the Gun Club that sponsored the event. They did a first rate job from start to finish.

There were about 50 folks but the Gun Club had a zillion folks there to keep everything moving along at a quick pace. There were several presenters including a DA to go over CCL laws. In the class portion all the paperwork needed to submit to the Arkansas Police is filled out and then reviewed by the Club Staff to make sure that your application can be processed without issue.

The firing range portion was completed at The AVGC range and they have a nice facility. The live fire portion was done professionally and efficiently with everyone's safety in mind.

This is a great course for a new gun owner to take that isnt even looking to apply for a CCL.

Throw in some coffee, donuts, soda, and an envelope with a completed application and it was a great day. And if for some reason there are questions with your application you can call the AVGC for assistance if needed.

Thanks Arkansas Valley Gun Club
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I know some of the instructors there an they are top notch!! :thumb:

One of them has some nice shootin' irons that I have laid my hands on, too... :biggrin:
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