Antelope hunt for kids

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by ksoden, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. ksoden

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    Thinking about taking my kids on a antelope hunt. Not looking for a trophy hunt, maybe just some OTC doe tags. Anyone have any experience or advice on the best way to get this done?
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  3. brushcreek

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    I am not aware of any OTC public land rifle tags for Antelope in any state. I'd look at wyoming for 2021, deadline is usually around June 1
  4. alexanderg23

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    I bought doe tags in Oklahoma for $350, rifle. Might be your best bet. Search for outfitters in Cimmaron county.
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  5. Thenarwhal

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    Very tough to get OTC public land doe tags these days. Used to be able to just drive to Wyoming and pick them up, even get them half price when the leftovers went on sale. I bought many doe antelope tags in the late 80s and early 90s for $28 each. Those days are long gone. They're still easily available in private land areas but you you'll need landowner access. North central Wyoming has lots of these areas, sometimes the G&F has a list of landowners who will allow hunters for a trespass fee. Might try that.
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  6. Revnate

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    It was 18 years ago, but a member of our hunting party in WY bought an OTC tag and killed the biggest buck on our trip hunting walk-in land just south of Manville. I wouldn’t know if they still sell them.
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  7. ksoden

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    thanks ill look into some of these suggestions.
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    I just checked out WY. There are two areas with leftover tags available. Private land only.