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  1. Seeing Fullcredit's post about TV's, I have a ?. What is the difference between LED and LCD? Pros and cons of either of them would be appreciated.
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    LED will burn longer, more efficient, better picture quality, and sharper contrasts. There are a few different options on the LED, direct lit and indirect lit. In my opinion direct lit is better. Hope it helps.

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    LCD t.v.'s are lit with fluorescent tubes that run along the width of the t.v.. LED t.v.'s are lit with led's from the sides, that is why they are much thinner and do not put out as much heat. also the cheaper made led t.v.'s might experience a "white wash" so to speak on the very edges.
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    LCD is liquid crystal display and LED is light emitting diode. The backlighting on tv's have a finite number of hours that they will burn. LED should last for many more hours than LCD.
    The difference in the quality of light produced by each is similar to the difference between flourescent light bulbs and LED bulbs. The LED produces a crisper more brilliant light and actually consume less energy.
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    Another thing to check for is responce time when you change channel. My T V takes too long when changing and drives me nuts
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  6. Thanks for the replies. The wife and I are planning to get a new TV after the holidays, and are confused about them. When I looked at them side by side, the LED had a better picture. I think a 60" LED is the way we will go. Now to compare all the other specs and prices. :head:
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    Towhead, the odds are high the time to change channels is not your TV's fault, but probably a function of digital TV. Digital TV takes forever to 'load' all the data before it shows the channel input. Analog was almost instant.