ANOTHER TRAYVON MARTIN CASE.....? Houston Store Clerk Defends Himself, Caught on Tape

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by arky501, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Mr. Chitlin

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    Typical and expected response. The black panthers probably wouldn't be protesting if the guy in the t shirt shot the clerk.

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    I wonder if Barack Obama had a son would he look like Alexander Calloway?
  3. mwmwbm

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    i am not familiar with TX law, but i think he will have a hard time claiming self defense, considering he unlocked the door. hopefully he wont be charged tho.
  4. Delbert

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    Black guy hit them man, black guy had other friends there, yea maybe the clerk should not have unlocked the door, but the black guy hit the clerk the clerk defended himself.
  5. To claim it is not self defense would be to make the ludicrous claim that by simply unlocking the door and speaking to what at that moment was simply an unhappy customer somehow stripped the clerk of his right to personal safety and somehow gave the douche bag in the hat the right to beat the clerk at will. Sorry, I can't support that and certainly hope no one (except a bunch of racist black panthers with an agenda) would support such an idea.
    With the door locked, door unlocked, clerk inside, outside, or clog dancing around the gas pumps shouldn't make a bit of difference. There is no circumstance where such an unprovoked assault is acceptable. The only difference I see between how the clerk responded to this attempted beating and how I would have responded is that the clerk didn't double tap.
  6. Ekspurt

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    Do you think he would have had the courage to open the door and place himself at risk if he wasn't armed? The danger of carrying a concealed weapon is to be tempted to let the presence of a gun lead you to do something you normally wouldn't. The decisions you make under stress in a moment will be monday morning quarterbacked to death, and usually by people who hate guns.
  7. Looks like the clerk was going to try and explain whatever was the problem to the guy without yelling through glass. Thug sucker punched him.....sucker punched him!!!!!!! And the thing is the thug that got shot didn't even have a good punch.... I hope the clerk walks away with no issues but honestly when you deal with the race card they usually bother you to no end.
    IMO the thug got what He deserved........but He is still breathing......
  8. btech29

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    Only thing the clerk is guilty of is not shooting the punk in the head.

    Whatever happened on the Trevon deal? I never heard how it ended.
  9. did get quiet.......
  10. killer instinct

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    I'm all for self defense but if one punch is enough to make you wanna shoot somebody you prolly shouldnt be carrying imo.. if it was a ruthless beating where he couldnt get away then by all means, kill the sucker
  11. hillbillycycles

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    "I'm all for self defense but if one punch is enough to make you wanna shoot somebody you prolly shouldnt be carrying imo.. if it was a ruthless beating where he couldnt get away then by all means, kill the sucker"

    Huh? At what point does it become a "ruthless beating" and will you be able to defend yourself when it gets to that point? That's like saying "you can kick me four times but if you kick me five and I'm still conscious I get to defend myself." In short, every confrontation is situational and it is terribly difficult to put yourself into someone else's shoes at that moment in time. If I am being attacked by someone that has a few buddies with him I would have to assume the worst is coming my way.

    Should the guy have unlocked the door? No, probably not, but the other guy should not have thought he could assault the guy either. In my opinion, if 75% of the time or greater when some thug tried this sort of thing he got acute lead poisoning then it would not happen nearly as often.
  12. Mr. Chitlin

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    One punch in the right place could cause lifelong injuries or even death. How did the guy know a second wasn't coming behind the first, or even a "ruthless beating" was about to follow. He can't wait until he gets "ruthlessly beaten" to decide it's time to defend himself.
  13. duck

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    If the guy lives, I bet he will think twice next time before he hits someone. Good lesson for him.
  14. paxcolt

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    This. I just sat on a jury where one guy got a collapsed lung and almost bled out because what he thought was a fistfight was actually a knife fight.
  15. Actually there was a prison inmate that was assigned to the Law Enforcement Training Academy ...I believe his last name was Murphy....doing life for punching a guy and He ended up dying. A good punch to the wrong place in the head killed him....Life in Prison. The guy was really a nice guy and used to make leather stuff for Officers one time there probably weren't too many Officers in the state that didn't have something He made on their Sam Browns.....I wish we knew what the arguement was over.....
  16. killer instinct

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    Well if i got shot every time i punched somebody i'd prolly be dead several times over. It seems sissyfied to me to shoot somebody because they hit you in the jaw. We've all been in fist fights but are you ever actually mad enough to shoot somebody? I've never been that mad over getting hit.. maybe there was something off camera that the clerk saw that we cant but from what i saw he didnt need shot for that.. (probably needed shot for something else he done though)
  17. killer instinct

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    Well obviously he cant wait that long to defend hiself. He needs to defend his self after the first punch but hes obviously working so he's not disabled, whats holding the clerk back from throwing the second punch?
  18. If the clerk throws the second punch he's an idiot. That would mean he assumed that it would be a fair, one on one fight, and that he could win such a fight. It also assumes that should he lose the thug won't just kick him to death once he's down.
    No way I'd risk all that. This was a gas station at night not a grade school at recess
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    You said it, we did not get to see the whole video and the field of view is limited. In short, we don't know the whole situation. News media are notorious for clipping videos so it appears to support their agendas. If the guy punching has a couple of buddies of camera, it makes the whole situation more stressful. Me, I would have not opened the door because I have been in enough bad situations to recognize one coming.

    I do agree with you though. I wish it were a better time where people got and gave butt whippings when they were needed. Nothing settles a punk or smart mouth down quite like scooting back on their rear three or four feet.