Another Tiger attack

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jerry dean, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Dallas, TX- Dallas County officials reported Tuesday that at least 85 persons were mauled and another 2.4 million hurt. Officials said it was one of the most horrific scenes ever witnessed. "There was red all over the ground". said a horrified onlooker. ABC televison caught the whole episode live and broadcast it to approxamately 20 million households.

    Cotton Bowl officials assured the public that "you can be guarenteed that what happened here on the morning of Jan 1st, won't have a chance to happen again".

    Boooo Pig Sooie:smack:

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    That's not funny , but I laughed till I cried anyway.:thumb:
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    I saw the whole thing on live TV yesterday and it was grusome!!! Most tramatic thing I've seen in years! I kept thinkin' the network would pull the plug and switch to some infomercial or something more appropriate for a family to watch. :smack:

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    Funny Jerry.......NOT!!! :frown: