another school shooting

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    In Connecticut another school shooting. Their saying at least a dozen shot or dead. Man!!!! The anti guns are gonna go crazy. Arkansas needs to revamp its gun laws. If you can pass everything to get your CCWL then nowhere should be off limits as far as carry goes. School, church, federal building, etc. only way to stop this violence is with violence.
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    It's horrible.. Prayers to all the families.

  3. Cjdavis618

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    Exactly right. I have never seen a sign, or a law stop a murderer.

    I blame the government for this loss. They are the ones that have made our kids and teachers defenseless and it needs to change.
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    There should be trained, armed faculty in EVERY school in America that can stop these tragedies immediately. These scum bag cowards would think twice about doing these things if they knew they'd be met with gunfire.
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    NE Ark
    As CT how their permanent "Assault Weapons Ban" helped out today.

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    I agree 100%. The liberals are going to want to take our guns away. So stupid.