Anchors or drags

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by bloody acorns, Jan 1, 2011.

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    Do most of you use anchors or drags ? I got hold of something a couples years back that chewed through 6 strand spun wire and took off with a trap that I had tied to a very heavy drag - have had good luck with drags for fox but I would venture may have been a coyote possibly a bear in this area - If you stake them - do you bury the chain under the trap. Got a big cat up here tried him a few years back and he would dig the sets out and flip them
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    I like to use a green hickory bush at least three inches at the butt. I usually use 6 to 8 feet of doubled 11 gauge wire, one end tied to the last link (preferably a swivel) of the trap chain and the other end tied to the middle of the drag. Leave the limbs on the drag; this gives the critters something to chew on other than their numb foot. You can also twist the two strands of wire using a drill to hold the loose ends and the other end looped over a nail driven in the wall or other solid object. Just be careful you don't twist it so tight you can't get the loop off the nail. :up:

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    Use some of both rebar stakes and logs and rocks for drags, don't like things that they can't move have better luck with logs that they can move some but hard to drag, dont go far but will move some and harder for critters to pull out.