An 11 year old girl defends herself against 3 armed burglars...with a pink .22

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by bracomadar, Dec 19, 2010.

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    NE Ark

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    My daughter has the same gun! :biggrin:
    Awesome story!
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    There has been several of this type of story posted in the last few days. What impresses me is the positive light they have been potryed in. Police, neighbors and even the media praising the gun owners. :clap:
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    Excellent story! :clap:

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    my nine-year-old just got one of those for her birthday.... :biggrin:
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    This is why we teach our kids safe handling of guns. We can't watch them 24/7 and the police can't be stationed at every home. Thank God for the second amendment.
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    I notice how the girl said that's when she ran into her mother's room and grabbed the pink rifle..."there were 2 bullets in there" they stored the gun loaded?

    In either case, that's one brave little girl :biggrin: Kudos to her!!!