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Ammo for sale *

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33 rounds of Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertip 243 WSSM 95 grain. Asking $40.00.

20 rounds of Remington Express Core-Lokt PSP 308 WIN 180 grain. Asking $10.00.
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any chance you ever make it around conway? id take that 243wssm if i had a way to take possession.
Rollback: $35 for the 243 WSSM.
Sorry, can't ship it for the $35 price.
P.M. sent . I'll be down to pick up, if O.K. kently
Is the 243WSSM still available? I will take them for $35 if it is.
Let me know if 243 ammo deal falls thru. I'll meet you and pick It up
Left a voicemail - let me know when we can meet up. THANKS!!
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