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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by tmccall2, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. tmccall2

    tmccall2 Well-Known Member

    I need some help locating the Amish Deer Processing place that is North of Pochahontas. I think its off of Hwy 93.

    Can anybody give me directions?
  2. Cutter308

    Cutter308 Well-Known Member

    Take a right at the white house with the horse and buggy in the driveway.

  3. bayman1975

    bayman1975 Select Member<br>2014-2015 Deer Hunting Contest W

    Kempf's Meat Processing
    2950 Hamil Road
    Ravenden Springs, AR 72460

    Use Googlemaps to get directions.
  4. jangle

    jangle Member

    They also have store at Dalton. They dont process there but do have some good homemade bread and alot of other stuff.
  5. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    Actually they are Mennonites. They drive cars all black with police hubcaps. I have heard good reports about their deer processing bad on their beef. They don't believe in excess so don't expect much fat in your meat. I bought some jam at their store and they were a little short on the sugar in fact it was pretty sour. They are hardworking good people.
  6. dspeakes

    dspeakes Grand Member<br> 2006 Spring Turkey Team Contest W

    They make great summer sausage from deer, ducks, or geese. Very clean facilities and hard working people.
  7. frogleg

    frogleg Well-Known Member

    They sure put the salt and spice in thier pork sausage.
  8. ozarkthunder

    ozarkthunder Well-Known Member

    Take hwy 90,from Pocahontas or Ravenden, turn north on hwy 93,go 3 miles to hwy 231,turn east,go 3 miles,on right.By the way,you are in Gods country.I was raised on Oak Ridge Central Road,a few miles from there!
  9. LHHC

    LHHC Well-Known Member

    any new info on these guys
  10. steve72444

    steve72444 Well-Known Member

    I have had two deer processed by them and just dropped o e off today. They do a great job
    Their summer sausage is off the charts good.

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  11. Zach Jaynes

    Zach Jaynes Active Member

    Try their snack sticks with jalapenos and cheese. Very addicting!!
  12. There on highway 231 nice people and run a very clean place!!!! Summer sausage is awesome. But there prices are a lil steep. And there pretty good neighbors

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  13. Zac25

    Zac25 Well-Known Member

    I hunt almost right behind the school. Good country up there!
  14. Buck-Ridge

    Buck-Ridge Well-Known Member

    I here people talking all the time about how well they do on deer.
  15. forkedpoint

    forkedpoint Well-Known Member

    Yep im pretty picky and they do a great job.
  16. Ozarkian

    Ozarkian Well-Known Member

    I have a place about 4 miles from them near Warm Springs. I have had several deer proceesed by them and they did a great job.
  17. drop tine

    drop tine Well-Known Member

    These guys still open?
  18. Nomosendero

    Nomosendero Well-Known Member

    I have used them for several years, however I have not been able to call them for the last couple of months. I hate to just drive up there
    so I wonder if there phone is out?
  19. Nomosendero

    Nomosendero Well-Known Member

    OK, I just called them. When you google, on some of the links you will see the phone # 870-892-0985. That is the number we had used in the past & had saved in our phone. That is the number I have been calling with no success. I found another number by google just now, 870-892-4555, that one works now. We are on the way and as stated the summer sausage is great.