American Guns Canceled

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by chaley, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. OOOOOoooooo!!!! Wonder how many lives thats gonna save!!!???!!! :banghead:

  2. mwmwbm

    mwmwbm Well-Known Member

    should a been canceled for the way he parades his underage daughter.
  3. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering since last season if that show was gonna get canned. I don't know how close the show is to real life, but they made it appear that the son had a huge amount of talent and the dad put business ahead of family instead of letting him pursue his dream. When he left and they had that falling out the show died for me.
  4. Hudge

    Hudge Well-Known Member

    I'd say it was cancelled due to ratings, not the anit-gun zealots. I think the show stunk myself.
  5. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    I had high hopes for that show, but it really disappointed me. I think it died from lack of interest, but the anti's will parade this as a success.