Almost there!

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by arbowhntr, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. arbowhntr

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    We stopped and got a hotel in Mccomb last night. Up, ready, and headed to New Orleans! Go Hogs!
  2. ArkArcher

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    Yell loud for me down in the Pig Easy! GO HOGS! :thumb:

  3. hunter34

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    go hogs goooooooo ill be watchin mine on my big screen ill be yellin like crazy:thumb:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Got a little over 7 hours!!!

    Talked to a friend earlier, that's been there since Sunday.....she says it is a Blast!! Says she feels sorry for the Ohio fans, cause there are so so so many HOG fans there and they (Ohio State fans) couldn't believe that there were so many HOG fans following their team, Susan said they thought that the HOG fans were there, because it was so close to home.......Sorry buckeye, it don't work that way!!:biggrin:

    She also said it was amazing that walking down Bourbon Street, was just a sea of red, and all the balconies were full of people calling the HOGS, and everybody was being nice to each other!!!:up:

    They went to the Darius Rucker concert last night and said he even Called the HOGS!! Apparently he and John Daly are big buddies......said that really got the crowd going!!!!

  5. arbowhntr

    arbowhntr Well-Known Member

    I haven't made it to burbon st yet. We're enjoying a meal at Gordon Biersch Brewery.