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All This For A Doe?

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Been sitting in a box stand since before daylight and haven't seen a single deer. Wind, rain, and downright chilly for most of that time as well----and all I can kill is a doe. Got to thinking a while ago that if I do kill one, I'll have to at least gut it in the pouring down rain. Right now I'm warm and dry, but I may not be by the time I walk back to the truck. Not sure if my rainsuit will fit over my coveralls. I sure hope a big ole buck don't walk by. Hoping a big fat nanny will come in for a nibble in the food plot before dark.
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I was in the same boat this morning, I'm tagged out for bucks but it never hurts to have extra meat in the freezer. I carried my in-laws with me since they had not even seen a deer to shoot this year. Got them on stands and I'll be danged if a nine point didn't run up within fifty yards of me and stop broadside. That was the only deer I saw. My brother in law and his uncle did not see anything, but my FIL shot at a buck. After walking around in the rain for thirty minutes I finally had to tell him that he missed. So here we are soaking wet when my dad calls. He had carried my wife and daughter to another location to hunt and drove my 4 wheel drive so they would not get stuck. So guess what? He got stuck, and not near a road either, but about three hundred yards down a shooting lane. So I got to spend about three hours in the rain with a come-along to get it back out three hundred yards where we finally used a truck to pull it back up onto the gravel road. So this evening I am sitting at the house by a fire trying to warm up, but you have fun and good luck out there. PS.. if you get stuck, give me a call. I have plenty of experience with a come-along.
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This year I decided to get my doe out of the way, first day of Oct. I had plenty of time on my hands during that period and the weather was right and now I am glad I decided to do that. especially since I skin and cut my meat. I guess I am becoming a fair weather hunter.
I just don't have the energy to go! I done killed and fill my freezer but, how ever I need to more burger and jerky.
In the morning i'm gonna be waiting on a big doe that looks like she should weigh about 140. She's been wearing my corn pile out since October.
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