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  1. SA Doc

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    Had my second blowout in the last 2 months and looking for tires to replace the Michelins on my F-250. Only have about 25k miles on these tires ( and one is new) , but I'm getting paranoid after the 2nd blowout.
    Thinking about an all terrain this time. Have had BFG All Terrain TAs on another truck previously, but that was a 1/2 ton truck with D rated tires. Anybody running the 10 plys on a diesel? How long are they lasting? How is the ride?
    Like the looks of the Nitto trail grapplers, but read mixed reviews on tread life and noise.
    Also like the looks of Wrangler DuraTracs, but have heard they don't last.
  2. jdawg

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    Can't go wrong with Cooper st maxx

  3. SA Doc

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    Truck came with 20 inch rims - looks like those only come in 16-18.
  4. Bent Prop

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    Toyo Open Country MT, I know its a mud terrain but they have less highway noise than most at's, plus the go 60xxx+ very easily on 3/4 trucks. I swear by these petersons 4wheel and off road has done several articles on how great these are for heavier trucks and how well they wear.
  5. CoyoteControlInc

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    I'm on the second set of Cooper ST MAXX on my 250. I love them. I get about 40-45,000 on them but I run A LOT of gravel and usually towing or hauling something. I think their great. I run Coopers on everything I own except my bronco cause I have grip spurs on it. Arkansas company too.

  6. BFG All Terrain T/A KO.

    Everyone I talked to who's had them on a 3/4 ton truck absolutely loves them. I haven't had mine more than 3000 miles yet so I don't know how long they'll last. They are quiet. Wide shouldered. Rim protector bead style. I went with stock size (265-75-16 load range E) on my Ford. Everyone I spoke with said they're good for at least 60,000 miles. One guy says he gets almost 100,000 out of them but he keeps them rotated every oil change. Previously I had BFG Rugged Terrains (again stock size) and they were VERY quiet and very smooth riding, however they looked like all-terrain tires but were more of a highway comfort tire, or at least that's what the previous owner said. He dis say that they had 66,000 miles on them; and he towed a horse trailer and a big camp trailer, each one was between 7500 and 8500 lb. I liked the way they rode. Silent and very smooth. I thought they felt more like a street tire than an A/T tire.

    My brother's had Coopers on his 97 F250-hated them. Noisy and got 28,000 miles out of them & they were done. He kinda liked the nitto's; but he mentioned they don't wear as good as the KO's do. He's working on wearing out the KO's. He bought them at 120,000 miles and the truck now has 201,000 on it.

    I crunched some numbers when I got mine and found them to be more expensive initially, but if I get 60,000 out of them and most other tires are getting 40-50k, the price ends up the same if you figure it per mile. And if I can get more than 60k out of 'em, I'll be tickled. I do tow with mine too. 24' enclosed race car trailer at 7000 lb even, and the war eagle which is no more than 1200 lb. And the truck itself is around 8000 lbs which can't help the tire wear any.
  7. tws1616

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    I've ran both Nittos and Cooper on my F250 and cooper on my Tacoma and have been pleased with both. I can't give a accurate mileage for the 250 because its usually only driven on the weekends or when something needs moved. The coopers on the yota lasted 40-50k.
  8. DuckLn

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    I had BFG AT 285/75 16's E rated (10 ply sidewall) on a 2005 dodge cummins. It threw more Sb2 gravel that any other tire in history. I would never in a million years get the same size as the tread pattern is waaaay to conducive to slingin gravel. Folks on the seemed to like the toyo A/T E tire more than any other and is the one I would go with if i had a do over.
  9. dudeman

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    Toyo open country are by far the best tire out there. They are a mud tire but they ride and are quite as a A/T tire. 10 ply. I've got 60000 on mine and still going there now a slick tire lol but there still holding air. I keep up with my miles and rotate tires. I swear by them. If I was gonna buy any other it with be the nitto terra grappler mt. I've seen good things on them and cheaper.
  10. Deerinthawoods

    Deerinthawoods Well-Known Member

    I run Nitto Terra Grapplers and have been very satisfied with them. Currently have 30k on em with plenty of tread left.
  11. deltabowhunter

    deltabowhunter Well-Known Member

    I have Nitto Terra Grapplers and they have been a good tire so far. I have about 25-30k miles on them with plenty of tread left. FYI the Toyo A/T and the Nitto Terra Grappler are the same tire.
  12. TheBattman

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    I bought a set of Terra Grapplers last year for my Nissan Titan (that I have since traded...LOL). I really liked them, found plenty of great reviews, and was very happy with them. I would buy them again.

    On an F250 - I would strongly suggest going with an LT tire, not standard load Passenger tire. They cost a bit more (typically), but also tend to last longer (compared to a similar passenger tire) even though they usually don't have a mileage-based warranty.
  13. SA Doc

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    I already bought the BFG All Terrain T/A's. I like them so far. Ride is good, but will have to see how they hold up. Did lose about 1/2 MPG.
    I don't think you can get a 10 ply tire thats not LT rated. The Michelin's I had before were LT's and they only had 25K miles before I had 2 blowouts in less than 6 weeks. So much for all the great reviews I read before buying them.
  14. DuckLn

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    if you got 285/75 bfg at's youre gonna sling gravel like whale wars or one of nturchi's rooster tails
  15. I've got over 95K out of two different sets of BFGs

    This latest set I'm running now isn't the same quality tire somehow though.......
  16. No!! Here!!

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    I swear by them!! I have a set of 37 13.50 20's on my 06 cummins and they are what you call having your cake and eating it too. Great off road traction. Low RD noise and they last forever. I got 30,000 on mine now and they have over half tread left. And man will they dig. These are some pics when they had about 25000 on them ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1381471656.181317.jpg ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1381471694.016046.jpg

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    I've got an 07 dodge diesel. I put nitro terra grapplers on it. They have 25,000 miles on them, I rotate regular, they are wearing even with no issues except tread life is not good. 1/4" of tread left after 25k miles isn't good in my opinion.