All I ask is why?

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    To the :censored: that shot the dog in the area of spring bayou or henderson bend, whether it was an accident or not, I don't know. I am glad and you better be thankful we weren't hunting together or even nearby, because the dog probably wouldn't be the only thing being helped out. If it was an accident, I hope the dog is safe. If it was intentional, I hope he/she is deceased. If a buddy of yours shot it, your best bet is to find you some new hunting buddies. One way or the other, know your surroundings. If your dog is not doing what you want, don't :censored: shoot it. I am sure if that is the case, it is just as much your fault as it is theirs, should you be shot too? If you thought it deserved it, then probably so. One way or the other, there is always a home for a lab or any type of hunt dog. Anyway I will get off my cypress stump now.
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    I didn't hear what happened. One thing you don't mess with and that's my dog. Always know your surroundings and the dog owner, "me" always shoots cripples. ALWAYS! I don't trust anyone else shootin while my dogs swimmin

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    there were some guys hunting saturday and when they had ducks working or when the 1st shot of a volley was fired the dog barked like crazy, they came in late behind us and set up about 200yds away after about 2 hrs., i could here a dog whistle "toot toot toot" as if they were calling the dog to them, later when we got back to the parking lot there was a choco tied in the bed of a truck, when he saw us he let out that bark that sounded like the one in the woods, i'm glad they put him up instead of shooting it BUT i wish they'd buy a dang dog box
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    Idiots are thick down there....:banghead: This year is the worst that I've seen. I guess usually I can just get away from them when we have some water.
  5. Midnight Rider

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    Lets here the whole story.
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    i too, would like to hear it.. whether intentional or accident..
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    :confused: So how do you know a dog was shot?
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    Did you see the dog or hear the dog? I don't understand.:head:
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    x2. This is something that some of us would hear about I imagine if it did happen..
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    i'm really sorry about your hunting buddy man
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    The group was set up a few hundred yards, as most groups do, and I heard the shot fired(and if you have hunted long enough you know the difference in a water shot compared to aerial shot), and within the same area, the blood curdling yelp(hollar) from the dog. And I have been around dogs all my life, so I know the difference in hollar of a dog in major pain to compared to one getting its nail ripped off. So I am just saying if a low life :censored: shot his dog in discuss, he should be taken out of the gene pool as well. And you are right.. I hunted with a group just last week.. and they discussed how one of their relatives shot his dog because it wasn't retrieving like it should last yr. So just because it "might" have happened yesterday, it doesn't mean it will be discussed tomorrow.
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    Absolutely ridiculous!! Sick people out there!!! He deserves more than what his dog went thru. Makes me sick!!!
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    So did you actually see the dog get shot or just hear the shot and assumed the dog was shot? I also thought that someone could get charged with some heavy duty penalties for doing that now?
  15. reggie-2-guns

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    And, can you please describe the difference in the sound of a water shot and an aerial shot?

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    While you are also descibing the difference in aerial shot and water shot can you describe a shot dog bark and a breaking dog getting burned on 8 with a shock collar bark
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    :fit::fit: This thread is getting hillarious. Also while you are describing the difference between the water and aerial shot, and the dying dog bark tell us where this happened. Was it Spring Bayou, or Henderson Bend. Two places a fair piece from one another.:confused:
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    This sounds like an assumption that a member of PETA would make without seeing or absolutely knowing it happened.
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    can you explain the difference between a dog (roar) and a lion (roar)
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    You dial up the amps on a shock collar and it will sure sound like a dog has been shot. Blood curdling yelps!

    I don't think the evidence is here that a dog has been shot, it may only be what you perceived.