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  1. Zeeriverrat

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    Anyone using alfalfa in their food plots? I have been thinking about mixing some alfalfa into my clover plots. Anyone having any luck with it?
  2. SwampCat

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    I planted once and it never really got strong in the plot. I did not see an advantage over clover - at least on my ground.

  3. JR1

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    Only thing I know about it is that I have a cousin in MO who plants a pretty good size field in it every year for the hay and he kills a pretty decent buck off it every year or two. His is an established alfalfa field, been there for years, so that may be a contributing factor.

    Hen turkeys seem to enjoy nesting near it as well. I assume it makes for decent feed and it probably holds bugs pretty good for them.
  4. bowhunter23

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    I've put out the bagged stuff before and had pretty good results. I'm not sure how well planting it would go over here in Arkansas but in Montana it's a main food source. The deer around my place ate the bagged stuff pretty quick but if it sat very long and got rained on it would start molding and stinking. Good thing was the coons and other corn thief's wouldn't touch it.
  5. jackie53

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    My Neighbor Raises Alfalfa and Ladena Spelled it wrong clover..
    Alfalfa for his Dairy cattle..Ledona Clover for thr Deer..
    Deer walk right through the Alfalfa to the clover..
    Its pricey..Can't beat it..
  6. deer14

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    When we had cattle . Our "hay field" was - poor man's alfalfa . Lezpadeza . Still have some in spots come up , after many years . Do like my clover , though . Been working on getting , different clovers going . Like it for the bees n butter flies / etc . Mostly browsers , you'll hear . a good plot . Yeah , jump right on it . Cover / water / mineral lick . Give all they need . Makes a difference.
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  7. Buck-Ridge

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    If you can get alfalfa to grow it will call in deer from a mile away. Place I hunt used to have10 acres of it. Drive by it at night it looked like downtown Little Rock. 10 acres wasn't enough the deer ate it down to sticks. It also had flocks of Turkeys in it. Pretty much everything in the hills likes it.
    Another place here in the county had a good stand in the Janes Creek bottoms. This was late 70s when I was still in school and there were way less deer than there are now. Our game warden had to sit in the road by the field. He said there were 3 to 400 deer in the field every night.
    So if you can grow it and want to incur the expense it will draw the animals from what I have seen.
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  8. Zeeriverrat

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    Well, I have one small spot I need to replant this fall, I think I will try some alfalfa mixed with my clover to try it out. If it don’t take I won’t be out much to try it out.

    Thanks for the input.
  9. mikebri

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    I've used alfalfa pellets in troughs for 3 weeks now mixed with sweet feed. I've had great results at 1 spot, it helped draw in 3 nice bucks that weren't coming before on just sweet feed.