AKC Male Beagle rabbit dog

Discussion in 'Dogs for Sale or Trade' started by natestep, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. natestep

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    Well he is back on the market. Im not running him much and he needs to go where he will be ran. He is a dandy four year old rabbit dog that is just to fast for the rest of my dogs. He will run and jump his own game or pack up with other dogs. He is a 15" tri color with a blanket back. Im priceing him to sell. I was asking $400.00 for him but if you want him I will let him go for $200.00. He goes back to Bad Seed and has several FC's in his pedigree.
  2. natestep

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    Im gonna try to sell this one, and two more. This will put me with all Blackcreeks. The other two are grade dogs. The first is an 8 yo male. Dont let his age discourage ya on this dog. He is in great shape and it would be hard to find a jump dog that would jump more rabbits by his self than this one. He is a 14" dog and is tri color. He has a clear chop mouth. He likes the front and will do whatever to get there, but will come out with the check first almost everytime. He is a smart rabbit hunter. We have had him since he was a 2 yo and he will not run a deer. I will put money on it. The second is about a 2 yo. female. She is a looker. She is tri color and is a 13" dog. We havent had her long and she is just getting started good. She just went out of heat so you dont hafta worry about that for awhile. If anyone wants to be rabbit hunting this weekend with a three dog pack these will do it. We would take $500.00 for the three. $200.00 for the AKC dog, $200.00 for the jump dog, and $100.00 for the gyp.

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    is there any way you cold post pictures?
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    This a picture of the AKC dog. This is the only pic I had handy of the dogs. The others are good looking dogs also. The old dog looks alot younger than his age. He is in good shape.
  5. hutch90

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    Just wondering if you still had these dogs? If you do I would like to get in touch with you about them.
  6. natestep

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    I still have the AKC dog and the grade gyp. $250.00 firm will get them both.
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  8. do u still have the female im really interested in her
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    I think I gonna just sell them as a pair. They go good together. Thanks though.
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    Dogs are sold, Thanks.