Air Force family man needs 2011 lease

Discussion in 'Hunting Clubs and Leases' started by phish69, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. phish69

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    Hello everybody, My name is Eric and live in Cabot Arkansas with my wife and 2 kids. I am stationed at Little Rock AFB. I have been hunting on base the last few years, which is decent at times, but really interested in finding a lease close by, just to change things up, meet some new people, and just have a great time hunting with a great group of people. Please let me know if anybody knows of anything close by. I appreciate it very much.
  2. jsilver919

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    glad to see you finally giving up on the 15 deer running the air base eric. There is a pretty big stretch of land a little south of us on 30 in Gurdon. i hunted it a few yrs back. you really need a camper to take though. thats the only reason i never went back. i went with a guy i worked with but he pcs'd since

  3. phish69

    phish69 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have shot a deer every year on the base and have had shots at a decent buck every year, but it seems like I'm not seeing the amount of deer that people on leases are, maybe I'm wrong. But I really don't think there are many clubs real close by. If I can get any information, that would be a big help. If someone has a contact number, name, location, that would be awesome. Thanks everyone.
  4. castinandblastin83

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    If you find one with a couple openings in it let me know, I hunted for a week straight on base and havent seen hardly anything.
  5. txpedsrt

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    I am in the same market as you. If you find one with extra room keep me in mind. Would love to find someone to share a ride with from Cabot
  6. phish69

    phish69 Well-Known Member

    Has anybody heard of anything recently around Cabot? Please let me know. Thanks guys.
  7. Hudge

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    I only know of 2 clubs near Cabot, and heard one was sold and the club lost the property. You are probably going to have to go south to get into a lease.
  8. atuphilamb

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    Not too close to cabot but I am President of one in Leola. Let me know if interested. 4000 acres and everything you wanna hunt there.
  9. phish69

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    It crazy, you would think with all the woods and areas to hunt around Cabot, there would be some type of club or private land owner that would let people hunt. I remember growing up in upstate New York and just walking up to peoples doors and asking permission to hunt and they would have no problem with it at all. Where's the southern hospitality at? LOL. Everyone thinks New Yorkers are rude, but very rarely will they say no to you when asked. Please, anybody, any small piece of property to hunt on would be so appreciated. Thank you.
  10. jsilver919

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    i used to do the same thing back in ohio and every now and again i got lucky and found a new spot to hunt but this past spring when i got back from afghanistan a buddy and i must have stopped at 30 diff places trying to find a spot to hunt and no luck at all. everyone either hunts or has grandkids that do or have had a bad experience letting ppl hunt their land.

    make it very difficult for those of us that wouldnt abuse the favor given. if you luck out and do find a place ALWAYS bring the land owner some meat off whatever you kill
  11. xkmorris

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    ICO Hunting Club is located 12 north or Sheridan. We have almost 4800 acres & dues are $350.00 per year. If you think you might be interested give JQ Richardson a call at 501-835-4532 & he will put you on the waiting list.We will be having our spring meeting in May at which time our dues must be paid and at that time all unpaid slots will be opened up to the people that are on our waiting list.