Air Evac?

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  1. fullcredit

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    How many of you subscribe to an air evac program? We've thought about it for a long time, but recently signed up. Heard of too many folks getting stuck with bills of $10,000.00 plus when they were transported by helicopter after an accident. Seems like lately it doesn't take much of an accident for somebody to call for an air ambulance. It's only about $60/year for the family, so it's not cost prohibitive.
  2. BDW

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    I signed us up for five years a few weeks ago.

  3. Hill Farm Hunter

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    What happens when you get picked up by "The Wing" instead of Air Evac?
  4. webbtoes

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    Reciprocal agreements :head:
  5. Mountain Oyster

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    we've been subscribed for a couple of years now.
  6. Hill Farm Hunter

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    Do they have them? If so, great. There are two or three services in this area now.
  7. fullcredit

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    There are several that work together all throughout the country. We were planning a trip to Illinois and saw that we would be covered even up there if needed. I live just a mile or so from the hospital and hear the helicopter going in and out all the time. It always reminds me to say a prayer for all those involved.
  8. fullcredit

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    Coverage area:

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  9. Delbert

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    A friend had a logging accident in Dec. they medivaced him out, he passed away if flight. His widow received a bill of $17,000. Sad to say they did not have Air evac.
    Another friend was medivaced from Baxter Regional to the LR. VA, by Drs orders after having a major stroke. his bill was $14,000. and the VA will not pick up a dime of it.

    $60.00 and list your whole family cheap and twice the price!
  10. bird dog

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    I plan to this fall.
  11. fullcredit

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    From what I understand, medical insurance doesn't cover it either.
  12. xtremebowhunter

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    As long as you are within airvac coverage area it transfers. Also airvac is good about as long as ur paying something a month and insurance will actually pay most of it
  13. mlriggs12

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    We're members and most of my family has signed up recently also. They have been great folks to work with!
  14. fullcredit

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    They're flying over the house now. XBH--you mentioned that insurance will pay most of it. I hope you're right, and although I have no personal experience with it, I've heard several cases of people that had good insurance that wouldn't pay for air evac.
  15. silentassassin

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    Bad part is that they say that's how much it cost to operate them but they flew one in for our company trying to get us to sign up and we had 140 employees and they flew it in and took a couple of employees out for flights etc. and then flew it back. I realize it's marketing but we only paid a couple grand to cover the entire company so if it cost what they say it does, it would have taken 10 years for them to even break even from the demonstration because they flew it 30 miles each way and took 2 trips toting employees around and had it running on the ground for close to an hour. So you'll have to pardon me when I call BS at what they charge and just because you can charge that much don't make it right.
  16. fullcredit

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    I understand what you're saying SA, but like it or not, we don't set their prices. I'd hate to get a bill for $10k for a helicopter ride. Sure doesn't make sense when you hear of someone getting airlifted to the Med (Trauma Center in Memphis), only to be treated and released. When that happens, it must not have been such a big emergency, but I'm sure of of the EMT's and such on here might think differently. Like in sports I guess, somebody has to make a call. I really do appreciate having health care professionals available.
  17. fullcredit

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    I might be sounding like a commercial here, but it just makes sense to sign up. From their website:
    For $65/year for your family, it makes good sense. Maybe Obama should make this mandatory as well......:biggrin: Never mind, it would make too much sense.
  18. bird dog

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    Yes and the ambulance rides (automotive) are outrageous also and they actually have the nerve to complain about the labor rate being $90 per hour for repair work. I have herd of one accident costing 8,000 for 4 people to ride to the hospital.
  19. bmccullough1

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    I am always impressed by what EMT's and other first responders are able to do! I don't want a helicopter ride though! If I am that bad just let me go!

    I know if you ride a tour helicopter ride it doesn't cost ant where near that much money!! Ya think some over charging might be going on??

  20. steve72444

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    Call it BS if you want, however if you need them they are priceless. After having my left arm crushed at work by flying me to The Med they were able to save my left arm. It was $12,000 from Marmaduke to Memphis.

    You have to understand the over head. Choppers aren't cheap neither are pilots, flight crews, insurance, offices plus I would have paid twice that much out of pocket to save my arm. Its all in what's important to you I guess.