AGFC Mayflower shooting range.

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  1. .375H&H

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    I enjoy going out there and shooting for several reasons. All the time people bash Jerry about how strict he is and other things. He has never bothered me one bit. Well Jerry was off this weekend and I'm very upset with how one of the guys was treating me and others out there. I understand that in dealing with firearms you should be strict. I also understand that being strict does not mean you treat people like crap. Sunday I said something about it to a group of friends and out of the group only two still go out there and shoot and that is only before deer season ONE TIME. They started telling me horror stories of driving all the way out there and being sent home after unloading mags in the parking lot or checking weapons in the parking lot etc.

    I used to go two to three times a month either with one of my boys or both. I have seen some real goobers do some real stupid stuff and nothing happens to them. I have seen some honest simple mistakes and people sent home. One was a man with his grandson that drove like 30 miles !!! I'm thinking after Saturday my days in Mayflower are coming to an end.

    Anybody know of another range to shoot ? I have a pistol range but now looking for a rifle range.
  2. Wes Ramsey

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    I used to go there a lot when I had more time, and Jerry was always helpful. Even though he knew me and knew I always follow the rules, he always made sure I followed them just like everyone else. I've never seen him or any of the other guys treat anyone like crap, but if you break a rule or get defensive you WILL get 'extra attention'. The rules are simple and it's his job to make sure everyone follows them to a tee. When you run a range there is very little room for error and no room for egos. If someone entered the property with a loaded gun or magazine they should have been sent home. That rule is posted in big letters at the gate. I don't see a problem checking a weapon in the parking lot - in fact, I think it's a good idea. I always open the action of my rifles when I pull them out of the truck. I know my guns are unloaded, but it's good range safety to have the action open when you're not on the firing line. If I take a handgun I just leave it in my shooting bag until they come out and check me in.

  3. .375H&H

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    I might need to add that I have worked at a gun range before. NOBODY ever talked to our CUSTOMERS like this or WE would have been shown the door. We had ZERO problems when I was there. Just people coming to enjoy the sport. My guess is that is not what this range was set up for.
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    40-eleven years out there and ZERO personal injury accidents due to being allowed to be stupid with a gun.....hmmm. :head:

    Give the men some credit. If you had to deal with this day in and day out you would have some 'moments' as well.
  5. Hudge

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    I used to go to Mayflower quite often, and still go when I can, just not as often. I have never had a problem with Jerry, or anyone else there. I went to college with the younger guy that worked there until about a year or tow ago. Of all the times I have been there, I have only seen Jerry get on ton one person, and that was last month. A guy did not rack his gun when they called the range to cease fire. I did see one knucklehead that had Jerry seen him I think he would have been leaving. He was bore-sighting his rifle by point it at the ceiling while at his bench.
  6. tdf

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    Would you mind telling me what the person did to be talked to like this. I understand you don't think its warranted, but that might shed a little more light on the topic. I have been to that range quite a bit althought I dont know any of the fellas names out there, just faces. There have been a few times that I think they should have thrown some guys out on the pistol range for unsafe practices. I was nervous just standing next to them. Sorry you had a bad experiece. I dont know of another shooting place other than the Benton Gun club, although Ive never been, just heard about it, but I think its private, not public so you would have to become a member or something I am sure. I heard there was a new shooting range in Conway somewhere, but heard it was indoor so probably not going to help your rifle shooting, and that could be just hearsay, I dont know if there is any truth to that. I will try to find out though.
  7. Wes Ramsey

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    Yup - new indoor pistol range somewhere out 286 I think. The wife of the owner works at my company. They are/will be offering some pretty cool training. I don't have any other info handy, but if anyone is interested I can find out anything you wanna know.
  8. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    The 2 big private ranges are Benton Gun Club and CASA in Little Rock.

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    I frequent the range a lot and never have a bad thing to say about those guys. I guess one bad apple spoils the bunch. On the other hand there is a new range opening of 167 by the Brockington exit. You can bet I will be getting by there. I will post the details when I get them.
  10. neotoxo

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    When I first started going to the Mayflower range...Jerry worked out of
    a two room, unpainted cinder-block building and sat outside wearing earmuffs
    and used a bullhorn to marshal the ranges...

    Never had a problem with him, even years ago when he ran me off for shooting
    the roofing tacks out of the target stands with a .36 cal Muzzle-loader...

    My bad but I just couldn't resist testing the accuracy and when he saw the
    target stand start to leaning that was it for me that day...lucky he didn't banish
    me for life...

    Like others the sign and comply BEFORE you enter the gates and
    you will have no problems...

    IMHO He earns his keep :up:
  11. I saw a guy come up one day with a loaded pistol, he told him to leave and guy with pistol got got pissy and started arguing. Jerry pulled out his cell and said a WO will be here in a minute and explain things to you so that you will understand better. Guy shutup and left in a hurry.
  12. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Stories about this range nazi make me glad I have access to a private range.
  13. mlriggs12

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    there is a new range between conway and vilonia beside the highway department. but ive heard from a neighbor that he is very strict and dont mind getting sideways with someone.
  14. Hudge

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    I wouldn't call Jerry a range nazi, just doing his job. The people I have seen him get onto, (2) at the same bench, needed remedial gun safety 101. He has always been nice to me. The Mayflower is really nice compared to other public ranges I have been to. Heck, it's better than most private club ranges I have been a member of.
  15. bigmac7825

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    What ticks me off about out there is that they let folks in with 20 guns and they shoot all stinking day and hog the lanes. I waited out there for 4 hours once and I was there when they opened. They need to put a minimum on the number of guns allowed and a time limit. If they want to shoot 20 different guns they can come another day and shoot a different one. The man is rough around the edges but I can usually get him to laughing when I go in. Pretty nice guy once he knows you ain't careless.
  16. kfarm

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    Glad I live on a farm and have my own range just steps away from my reloading shed. Never been to Mayflower but I have seen my fill of city guys with guns. I'd invite ya'll out but I got rules too.
  17. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    The minimum propably isn't the problem. Sounds like they need a maximum number of guns at one time. :wink:
  18. Hudge

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    This can be a problem any where, unless you are like kfarm and own the place. I was a member of a private range in MT. I waited a lot more there for an bench, than I ever have in Mayflower. The place was not nearly as well kept either.
  19. .375H&H

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    The one that sticks out is the time with the older man and his grandson (about 10yrs old I guess) being sent home. It was the way he was talked down to in front of his grandson. It made me and my oldest son and I would say MOST of the other people standing around just stand there with our mouths open. The guy had a loaded mag in THE OUTSIDE POCKET of his soft case. Yes it is against the rules but come on. If you are going to send someone home for that then they should send someone home for about a 100 other things I have seen IN THE SHOOTING LANES !
  20. .375H&H

    .375H&H Well-Known Member

    PLEASE pm me when you get details. I would join a club that close to my house in a second.