AGFC Hog Hunting Rules

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  1. Here is my question to AGFC;

    On this website it states, "Feral hogs may also be taken on private
    lands at any time, as long as the hunter has legal access and the
    landowner's permission." My questions are; Can a non-resident hunt hogs
    on private land anytime with a modern gun? If so, does this non-resident
    need a hunting license? Thanks in advance for your assistance on this

    Here is AGFC's response;

    Sorry for the delayed response, here's the info:

    You are not required to have a hunting license to hunt feral hogs on
    private property, but you would on a WMA or public property.
    Contact a local wildlife officer before taking hogs at night or when
    seasons are closed.

    Legal weapon:
    Public land requirement is the weapon that is legal for the open hunting
    Private land is open to anything as long as you have legal access and
    the owners permission to be on his property.

    Daily Limit:
    There are none, we do not regulate this because they are considered a
    non game animal, they are considered livestock.

    Hunting Hours:
    On Public land you may NOT hunt at night.
    On Private land with owners permission, anytime.

    Kim Cartwright
    Information Officer
    Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
  2. if a resident does not need one on private property then i would not see why a non-resident would need one, just make sure you can prove your hog hunting only

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    Make sure you right down the information officers name or better yet keep a copy of the response on you because last time i recieved an e-mail from the Information officer and talked to the local Game Warden..he told me there was no such thing as an information officer in the agfc. To make a long story short he thought i had made up the whole deal and will still probably call his commanding officer to make sure it is legit.
  4. I did run into the WO for our area after searkhogfan and his hog dog buddies did that hunt with me a few weeks ago. He bassicaly told me the same thing the information officers said in the reply. Just thought it may help some of you to have it in writing from AGFC. The WO and the information officer both recommended calling your area AGFC office and advising them that you would be hog hunting.
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    Now let's see.....given that she said: you don't need a hunting license to hunt on private property.....I take that to mean you don't need a fishing license to fish in a privat fish pond/lake:confused: Don't sound exactly kosher to me.....:head: What about a hunter's safety card[course]??
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    so, i can take a spotlight and a high powered rifle around our lease and if stopped tell them i'm hog hunting??:smack:
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    go buy a cheap piggy at the local sale barn. Put a good shot on it and toss it in the back of the truck. That will get you a few nights(while it's cold) of good night deer hunting on your lease!:eek: I'm just kidding though.
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    Yup!:wink: :thumb:
  10. I asked th WO this exact question and his reply was, "I don't like it, but yes you can." He only advised to call and let them know you were doing it. The other good response I got was when I asked if you could use a rifle anytime and the response was, "You can use an oozie if you like."
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    Not exactly. The AGFC considers hogs to be livestock, not a game animal. AGFC regulations go for ALL waters, public and private, in the state, no matter how small. Besides, anything you'd normally catch in a farm pond would be considered a 'sport fish'...not livestock :razz:
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    Even if "stocked live"????:razz: :thumb:
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    Better have a lifejacket if you're in a boat in a private lake/pond also. Know someone who found that out the hard way. They were actually frog grabbin'.

  14. It would be in your best interest to notify your Local G&F officer let him know what your doing....

    You wouldn't believe how many times someone tells them they're Hog Hunting when they catch them Spot Lighting Deer.........
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    They should adopt these same policies for night hunting predators as well.

    Thanks for the info on how this is done. And clarifying that the WO didn't like it. :rolleyes:

    I just got back from a 3day/night predator hunt in Texas. While we were hunting, we set up on top of a group of mule deer. One of them had to be at least 30" wide and 6 per side. This Deer was a monster. Guess what, we didn't poach him. We watched him and his does walk off and then killed a coyote 2 minutes later.

    Just because there is a huge deer around you doesn't mean the gun automatically points and shoots. It also doesn't mean that everyone is a lying poacher. :frown: But yet they think we are.
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    You wouldn't believe what I saw this morning, Cj....a big ole dog yote...looked like a wolf....he was at least 100lbs....he trailed me to within a half quarter to my house! I am gonna hafta find a good big pistol....either that or carry the SKS everytime I go down to my food plot!:wink:
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    Sounds like you need a body guard. Where did you say you lived? I'll be right there to help you out. :thumb:
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    NE Ark
    Preach on, brother, preach on... :frown:

    I am going to add this, though...

    Maybe the AGFC is finally seeing the light and realizing that not all hunters are poachers, just as not all drivers are drive-by-shooters. You have bad in every crowd, but you should not punish the general public just because a few are willing to break the law.

    With the allowing of CCW on WMA's, even during bow season, heck, who knows, they may come around some time and allow night predator hunting. Who knows, I don't think it will be in the near future, but as predator hunting becomes more and more popular, who knows what we might see in the future. Hopefully, if the can trust me to CCW a 10mm pistol on WMA's, maybe one day they can also trust me to hunt predators on a WMA with a centerfire rifle.