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If I thought it would make a difference, I would have went to Brinkley. But last night was my 19th Anniversary and I do not think the Mrs. would have been so delighted. We are farming full force with bean planting and wheat harvest. This is a perfect time to have a meeting and those who work cannot attend. The AGFC gets less comments this way but they have made the "effort" to seek our input. Window dressing at its finest.

If I could add a recommendation, it would be.

1. Move youth hunt to first weekend after last day of regular season. The current date before Chistmas is wrong. Most landowners and duck clubs will not allow any hunting between splits. Our local group used to host 20-25 youth hunters when the youth hunt was held late. The past three years, we have not had the opportunity to host a YH simply because we cannot find enough land and kids who are willing to go. Christmas parties, school plays and family gathering and deer season are the main reasons.

2. Open duck season for the Macks Festival on Friday thru Sunday of Thanksgiving. Close it down then for two weeks then open it up straight thru January.

3. Allow Spinners the last half of the season or get behind a full blown effort to ban them nationwide. I see no reason why Arkansas is the leader in this area and other states get the benefit. I truly believe that spinners in the northern states account for a significant harvest of sub adults and lower the flight of birds to the south.

4. Strongly encourage the Farm Service Agency to not allow any emergency grazing or haying on CRP, WRP, or waterfowl production acres. We as taxpayers have paid the farmer to put the land to conservation uses. He gets a check because he made a deal. If you catch them doing any activity, then fine them a significant amount and kick them out of all FSA programs for life. There are more ducks and pheasant killed with the disc mower than during the months of June and July than during legal hunting season. Most of them will be hens sitting on the nest.

5. Keep as many days in our duck season as federally allowed. Lower the limit by two birds but keep me the opportunity to hunt as many days as possible. I want the opportunity to hunt not a full limit every time. That should show my age.
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