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From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Saturday 2FEB08 8:30 p.m. EST

Will you allow the McCain amnesty to be endorsed in Tuesday's elections?


Remember how desperate all of us felt just before those key votes in 2006 and 2007 on John McCain's amnesties?

But we defied the predictions by massively reacting and blocking the efforts by Sen. McCain and Sen. Kennedy to permanently give American jobs to millions of illegal aliens while enticing millions more to enter!

We can do it again. Will you make it happen? (See suggestions below.) Half of you will be able to vote on Tuesday. And the other half of you can try to influence people in the states where the primaries are being held.

The Super Tuesday Presidential Primaries have become another amnesty vote.

Throughout the campaign, Sen. McCain has said that he will legalize all illegal aliens who have not committed a felony. Between 10 and 18 million illegal aliens would qualify for his amnesty.

If McCain wins the Republican nomination, most of the media have indicated they will interpret that as a vote for McCain's pro-illegal-immigration policies. That may even embolden Congress to try again to pass an amnesty THIS year.

I'm sure you understand the urgency.

Why am I asking you to forward this to everybody?

Because the polls show that most Republicans who have been voting for McCain in the previous primaries are so uninformed that they think he would be TOUGH on illegal immigration.

McCain has confused voters by:

... saying he "got the message" last year when Americans protested his amnesty bill. This suggests that he no longer supports his amnesty. In fact, though, he is merely delaying the amnesty. He has promised to legalize nearly all illegal aliens as soon as the borders are secured.

... saying he will really get tough in securing the borders. In fact, he has consistently voted to weaken border control in the past and has offered no significant details of plans to do a better job in the future (See below.)

With Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton also pledging full commitment to amnesties, a McCain nomination would mean immigration would be removed as an issue from the fall campaign.

If you are a Democrat and likely to vote for Obama or Clinton because of other issues, you will still want to see them moderate their immigration views toward the American majority's anti-amnesty position. That Democratic moderation could happen if Clinton or Obama had to compete with an anti-amnesty Republican. But I can't see that happening if they are competing with McCain.

If you are a Republican, you will simply want to save your Party from continuing the disastrous immigration policies of the Bush Administration.

If you are an Independent, consider voting in the Republican primary to cast your vote against the McCain amnesty.

Don't take my word for how bad a McCain victory would be. Look below for the unadulterated facts about McCain's past immigration actions.

Can you help rescue America from immigration disaster again on Super Tuesday?

The immigration crisis on Tuesday is no less threatening to America than during those intense battles in 2006 and 2007 when we blocked one amnesty after another. A McCain victory would seem to ensure that no matter who wins in November we will have four more years of the same immigration nightmares we've had under Pres. Bush.

Democratic voters have had no choice because all their candidates support amnesty. But Republican voters have a clear choice between the pro-amnesty McCain and the anti-amnesty Romney, Huckabee and Paul.

Rather than split the anti-amnesty vote among three candidates, you may want to consider voting for whichever anti-amnesty candidate is reported to be highest in your state's polls on Monday, so as to increase the chance of denying delegates to McCain.
. in this email:
EXTREME URGENCY: Forward this message to every email address you have.

1. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Click here for simple things you can (MUST) do right now.

2. McCAIN's IMMIGRATION PAST: Click here for McCain's past actions favoring illegal immigration.

3. CANDIDATE IMMIGRATION RATINGS: Click here to view the ratings of all candidates in 16 immigration categories. Click on the photo to see the official statements and media quotes that back up the ratings.

actions in brief:
Forward this message to every email address you have.

And ask them to forward to everybody they know.

If somebody gets multiple copies, isn't the inconvenience worth the chance to save our country from another immigration disaster.
donate now:
This faxing system is 100% financed by the voluntary generosity of the 540,000-plus Americans who use it.

Please click here to make any sized donation to keep this grassroots phenomenon strong and effective.
how to reply:
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Our staff mans the Help Desk 18 hours a day.


1. Make plans now on how and when you will vote on Tuesday (if you are in one of the Primary states).

If you have any questions about where to go, ask a friend at church, in your neighborhood or at work. With McCain in the lead in most states, anybody who fails to vote is, in effect, voting for the McCain Amnesty.

2. Phone your friends. Make a list of up to ten or more friends and family members whom you believe will be interested to know that the leading candidates for both major parties favor amnesty. Set aside a block of time to call them. For your convenience, print this page and check off each action as you go.

Begin your calls with the following script, adapting it to your own speaking style:

“Hello, I'm calling with some urgent information that I believe will interest you. I only have 5-10 minutes to speak about it because I have to call others on my list, so forgive me if I get right to the point. Do you believe that illegal immigrants should be given amnesty for breaking the law? 'No.' Then you will be interested to know ....” (Give them a description of the presidential candidates in your own words.) Tell them that, incredibly, many misinformed Floridians voted for John McCain because they mistakenly believed that he was the best candidate for controlling illegal immigration. Make sure they know that John McCain has been the champion of amnesties in the past and even now promises to legalize nearly all the illegal aliens.

Use NumbersUSA's overall candidate ratings to answer any questions they may have about any candidates. They may decide to vote for a pro-amnesty candidate for other reasons, but make sure they don't do so because they don't know the real amnesty score on the candidates.

Ask them to mark their calendars for the primary voting day and be sure to vote.

Tell them why it is important that they make calls the same as you are doing. Ask if they can commit to making up to ten calls to friends and family members (who are not on your list), giving them voting information the same as you have done. When they agree, get their email addresses and tell them to be looking for the email instructions which you will be forwarding to them (a copy of this email from NumbersUSA).

3. Forward this email to every email address you have. Polls show that on average four out of five people to whom you send this will be opposed to an amnesty. You don't want any of them to miss the central truth that

Factoring in that some people won't see this email in time and that many of you will have overlapping email lists but also that many of you have email lists running in the hundreds, I am going to assume that each of the half-million of you on average is going to forward to 10 distinct voters and that each of them on average will forward to 5 on average and that each of them will forward to 2 on average.

That would be:

X 10
5 million
X 5
25 million
X 2
50 million

If we can get this truth about McCain's pro-illegal-immigration positions to 50 million voters before Tuesday (even if half of them don't have Primaries until later), I believe we have an excellent chance of slowing down the McCain Amnesty Express.

You all have done this before when we stopped an amnesty in Congress. Won't you do it now!!!

4. Use your influence and talk about the information in this email at any meetings or gatherings you attend between now and Tuesday.

Perhaps 130 million Americans will spend three hours watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. I don't resent them (you) the entertainment.

But can we all covenant to spend at least 30 minutes before Tuesday in forwarding this email and making some phone calls to protect our entire quality of life from the congestion, the tax costs, the wage depression of tens of millions of additional foreign workers and dependents?


In just the past four years, John McCain has taken the following actions to support illegal immigration:


2006- Sen. McCain voted against extending the border fence in the Sessions Amendment (2) to H.R. 5441.

2006- Sen. McCain voted to prevent the border fence from being built by voting in favor of the Manager’s Amendment to S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.

2006- Sen. McCain voted to allow illegal aliens to receive Social Security by voting to table the Ensign Amendment to S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006.

2006- Sen. McCain voted against funding additional immigration investigators by voting against the Sessions Amendment (1) to H.R. 5441.

2005- Sen. McCain voted against providing funding for additional Border Patrol and ICE agents by voting against the Byrd Amendment to H.R. 1268.
2007 – Sen. McCain was heavily involved in the backroom negotiations of S. 1348 with Sen. Kennedy and Pres. Bush – this was an amnesty (permanent residency & path to citizenship) for more than 10 million illegal aliens.

2007 – Sen. McCain cast several votes to protect the amnesty in S. 1639 and to move the amnesty toward a vote.

2007- Sen. McCain is a cosponsor of S. 774, the DREAM Act. The bill would grant in-state tuition and amnesty to more than a million illegal aliens under the age of 30.

2007- Sen. McCain is a cosponsor of S. 340, the Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits, and Security Act of 2007 (AgJOBS). This bill would grant amnesty to millions of illegal agricultural workers.

2006- Sen. McCain voted in favor of S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. This bill would have awarded amnesty to 10.2 million illegal aliens.

2005- Sen. McCain and Sen. Kennedy introduced S.1033, an amnesty for virtually all illegal aliens.

2005- Sen. McCain was a cosponsor of S. 239, the AgJOBS amnesty.

2003- Sen. McCain was a cosponsor of S. 1645, the AgJOBS amnesty.

2003- Sen. McCain was a cosponsor the S. 1461 amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.




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Sorry, John that just took a long time to read. I'm wanting to vote Ron Paul, but he's not getting much traction. Vote Huck? He's not much better on illegals--it was on his shift that our corner of Arkansas came to be 30% Hispanic!! I need a candidate....

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I don't like any of these candidates. I don't know who I think would be the lesser of the evils. We are definitely getting the shaft this year (and the next four years after the election.)

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This may be the year, that I "forgot" to vote. I have voted every election since I was old enough to vote.

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Don't know how much this will matter to any of you about the whole illegal thing. When my wife worked for DHS the feds said that they could not even ask the legal status for anyone applying for help. I understand that it's this way for all government employees. Doing so could mean loosing your job. Maybe some simple tactics like, not giving the the freebie would work. I don't have a problem with migrant workers, but make them leave their kids at home. If they jump over the river to have a kid, I don't think that kid should be a U.S citizen. I think they should pay in taxes at a 0 dependant rate with no tax refunds and no earned income credit.

Someone asked me who would work at Tyson if they left. My response: Who worked there before they came?

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If illegals are an important issue to you (and it should be) then we have a real problem in the repub party. The top two acceptable candidates (Mitt ain't acceptable to me, anyway) have horrible records on illegals. If given the choice between Huck and Mac, I'll vote Huck, but I wish Ron Paul was doing better. I'm still seeing Ron's TV commercials, so he ain't throwed in the towel yet, but we'll see.
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