after storm hunting?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by carbonelement, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. It has been a pretty interesting morning here. With all the lightning, high winds, lots of rain, etc. So here is my question. How is the hunting after a pretty good storm? I was really thinking about heading out around 1 O'clock. That is if it lets up like the weather man sais. Would I be wasting my time or could it turn out to be a fun afternoon? :head:
  2. Whitetail Chaser

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    I've seen some pretty good deer after a storm. But it was earlier in the season. Not real sure how it would be this late. But if that front comes thru like they said it could be real good. IMO there is no wrong time to go. You just never know what might step out. Good Luck

  3. well thats good enough for me. I'll be heading out around 1 then. Good luck to everyone else making it out today.

    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    i have had alot of success after storms. Deer in my opinion do not like lightning and wind because it takes senses away from them. When the storm settles it seems to me that the deer move
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    They always seem to move good when fronts move thru. :wink:
  6. well I gave it a try. I went out and sat for about two hours then the lighting started back up and struck about 40 yards away :eek:. I have never got out of a stand that fast in my life. I was in the truck with the quickness.:biggrin:

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    Just depends on the deer.........killed some in some pretty nasty weather, sat out some pretty bad storms , in a box stand, and as soon as it , the rain/wind/lightning etc slacked up or quit...other times though, not seen a hair!!:smack:

    It's all common sense, as to whether you want to sit in the weather or pass and stay warm and dry:biggrin:

    Now a climber, 15ft or more above the ground when it is lightning.....that's a no brainer!!! :eek: Been there and done that on a set of hooks on a utility pole for years, but it was my job, i was getting paid for it, but I wasn't out there alone doing it...Big difference:biggrin:
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    You can't kill 'em if your not out in the woods. Some of the best bucks I've shot (or saw and let walk) were on days that I wasn't sure if it would be a good day to hunt so I try to go out if my schedule allows for it.
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    I went to a WMA around 1:00 yesterday and left around 3:30. I wasn't hunting, just trying to locate something and didn't see a single deer. Kinda surprised.
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    I have not seen a deer in a week while actually hunting. I see fresh droppings & busted acorns but I cannot see them. I'm starting to think I don't know what I'm looking for :head:
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    New Years Eve I hunted the afternoon while it was storming. I gave up around 5 when the lightning started popping. When I was driving out there were 4-5 deer out feeding in a wheat field just before dark. :head: I guess I should have sucked it up & stayed til dark
  12. oh that sucks, sorry